Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundle... Opening 5x Bundles 50 Games in Total

Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundle... Opening 5x Bundles 50 Games in Total

2 141 views | 22 Jul. 2020

Opening 5 Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundles showcasing 50 games that you can get from them



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Sam Jones

Two Worlds II HD - Call of the Tenebrae is the standalone game.


Thanks for saving me some money cause this is shite


These bundles are a scam,you get an email and they show you good games you COULD get but in the end you recieve shajt,disgrace Im never buying these bundles again.Hell I got 3 MS DOS games in mine.Preposterous!!!!

Cedrik Charette

for the form.... Fallout new vegas > Dead island

Steve Moore

That is...pretty fucking atrocious.


Vibe Comp

Will you do a video on the Mystery Game Bundle that you 'qualify' for upon adding a certain amount to your Fanatical cart? Or are these types of bundles not even worth mentioning lol


I had garbage luck and i was only aiming to get ultimate doom :0


I bought a key and i got mahjong i hate my life

Crystopher H

I can always count on you to crack me up lol. Unique sense of humor


Great video!

Alpha Leopard

I see Fanatical have move the 'Special Crates' down from 400 steam games to just 40 steam games...without telling anyone, maybe they saw my video and realised there mistake... Also never told me, i had to find this out from someone else.

Loreal Barrow

First up, you didn't throw shade at IG's recent bundle picks: you went to a forest, turned a bunch of trees into logs, and chucked a whole truck full at them! Savagery!

Anyway, I guess you got lucky with Civ VI, but 2Dark was in $1 tier at Humble last month (just perspective). Also, never heard of most of those titles, not even the 15 pound Steam RP ones. Strange. At present, I think their Platinum bundles are better.

Keep having fun with the new mini you. ^^


every year they get worse and worser


Hi alpha legion.... i just want to say that the steam RRP IS VERY INACCURATE way of comparing the prices... you should have used the steam lowest price on steamdb... this is because these games never sell on full price anyway.


Thank you

Alpha Leopard

Ok ive just spoken with one of the people over at fanatical, the 'Two Worlds II Call of the Tenebrae' is a seperate stand alone game priced at £11, when i searched i could only see the DLC version priced at £7. So the overall price for Bundle 1 as RRP on steam was £82. Apologise for the mistake i made

Joe A

"Call of the Treebang" Lmao.

FYI it is a stanalone DLC per Steam - "THIS IS A STAND ALONE SINGLE PLAYER VERSION OF THE DLC "Call of the Tenebrae" for "Two Worlds II" (It does not require the main game and no prior experience with Two Worlds titles is needed, but it is only recommended for experienced RPG Players)"