We found a way to boost Tokkul using the Tzhaar Fight Pits

We found a way to boost Tokkul using the Tzhaar Fight Pits

70 479 views | 28 Oct. 2019

Using the Tzhaar Fight Pits minigame to get the best Tokkul per hour in Runescape

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Brenden Phillips

Love the content cant wait for the next vid! Best of luck on your grinds!

Hayd M



its looks like it time to start a new bot farm! lol. (probably someone though watching this video thought that)

SweetnSalty Rs

L0000000L i love it verf. You should use this method tbh xd

Omega Vince

"Ironman mode"

lewa nuva

You don't have to kill people to get the tokkul, the winner will recieve combined tokkul per everyones combat level so 100 level 126s would be 100x126 and so fourth for the reward, the reward is based on whoever is last man standing not necessarily the amount of kills he makes i believe.

Bernard Martinelli

Jagex closing this dead minigame in 3,2,1... Annnddd its closed


This would be even better with the rune throwing axe special

Taylor Holden

Probably gonna be patched. That could easily be abused


Hey message me when you do this I want to play my rs name is reddragoncel

Colton Maske

How is this not banable?

Aidan Gotts

This is the kinda community we need. Discover some what of an abusable feature and showcase it rather than just abusing it and destroying the game ! Big respect bro.


Inb4 bot script to tokkul farm for onyx.

Timothy Hoare

This video was so nostalgic! I remember doing that minigame back in the day and the music was the best part, kinda miss listening to in game music, that one playing is such a gem!

Caine Langhill



pretty sure this is against the rules

Spankin DaBagel

People talking about bot farms are vastly overestimating the value of tokkul.


I have played rs since a wee boy I didn’t even know this mini game even existed thanks for teaching me that

teddy rush

i'd say just keep the tokkul, it aint much and required the effort from a lot of people, don't think many people would see this as a problem

jared p

now some guy is gunna make 100 bots and farm onyx's 24/7

Matthew Smith

Thanks for sharing! I've only ever played this minigame once for the diary :(


This is actually against ironman ToS


You didn't drop the tokkul. Fake ultimate


This looks like a cult sacrificing themselves to their almighty dark lord


Couldnt they just leave at the start?


Imagine if someone botted this....

That would probably crash all onyx jewelry like crazy

Elysian Aura

Idk why people think bots would be effective here considering that needing 30 accounts and over 4 hours of gameplay makes this the equivalent of 120 hours of anything else. That ends up being like less than 18k gp an hour. Might as well pick flax.


If you could code enough bots for this and if that 260k is the actual amount per hr you could make 2m/hr

Ph Svensson

Guess where u will find bots at next week


stop saying first lol no one gives a fuck

Thomas Roberts


Tahir Ajanovic

Gj now till we lots of botters there lol

Arthas Roos

i don't find a world :/

Kate H

sell your onyx, people

jacob knowsgeorgebushdid911

Anyone: does nothing
Jagex: You have been banned, good luck not being able to appeal unless you're famous

Derrick Hill

Why aren't you using this to build your tokkul? It's not cheating, and all your grinds are already long enough.


You ruined my money making method...


Hecking first

Hobo Tim

Dead content is free real estate


30 accounts - 1 winner, 29 not getting anything. For 660k gp/h worth of Tokkul. Or 22k/account. Not worth it - better ways to make money, then sell chaos. Even on normal iron men, just craft and alch bstaves


I was here :D Pog

Ryan scaper

Hope you dont get stupidly banned and have to appeal for just showing this so jagex can fix :P anyone whose watched your videos for awhile knows you enjoy the grinds and this would be a just big cheat to your goal of inferno :) getting it your own feels the best thats for sure

Caine Langhill

I love you verf

_ Hellix _

Pretty sure this minigame was the only reason to buy a ring of stone back in the day

Shady Poison

This mini game genuinely used to be the best mini game in runescape! I'm so gutted no one does it anymore?


thats cheating

The Phoenix

People stop saying this a viable method for botting when you need all bots over 100combat and be a member.

Bee RokkMan

whens the next video coming? im itching to watch!!

Jacob Stokes

for trailblazer diary task please visit 402!

Ae7 Df2

Noooo it gets patched now

Tero E

IQ 99999999999999k!

tom c

This is interesting to know, i always wondered if anyone had taken an in depth look at the mechanics of this mini game. seems like there could be some "exploits" here.


A shame that this minigame is dead

sir cumalot

cant believe i dident know about this lol would of loved to help!


:( I remember when this minigame came out and it was so much fun... Everyone bringing max gear, brews, ect... And me hiding in the corner hoping not to get attacked :)


Panic sell onyx jewellery!

gold smith

Sweet I was looking for a new botting method.. thanks!

Chris S.

Inb4 ban lmao jk

Tony S

incoming people who bot up their combat and then use bots to get insane amounts of tokkul


Damn you have a loyal cc!

Dis-Lex iK

This shyte is gonna get botted like no tomorrow

Balla C



Can’t wait for Sir Puggers video on this getting botted with 500 Bot players all dying at once


quick boys! screencap this video BIG jewelers doesn't want this getting out

Kyle M

This is literally boosting. Doesn't matter that you are 'showcasing' it. You are clearly boosting in the vid and that's cheating. You're a youtuber so you won't get banned. That's cucked.


yea the boys


In a month sir puggers will find a bit farm here


2k tokkul / 2 min, 60k tokkul an hour, each tokkul is about 2.7 gp, as a money making method, this is 162k kgp/hr


Awesome find and I'm glad you aren't going to be abusing this! Was sad to see the title and video before clicking, thought it was going to ruin the series for me, but it seems you took the right path in not abusing the use of other players as an area locked IM <3

shin chin

Yeah becouse everyone has 100 people just sittning around waiting to be called on lol

omgfackdehell ✅

Setting up an onyx bot farm right now, one moment!


I made it on TV mom.


This is one of the reasons why I like mmorpgs and this series in general. When the community bands together for the sake of discovery. It doesn't happen much these days and I'm really glad to see the community band together like this. Great stuff Verf and chat.


I can almost quarantee the people being mad about U having the help of friends in this SHOWCASE are unaware of the current situation of Ironman Metas.

Ironman's most efficient slayer method: Use a normie account to lure monsters for ur barrage stack, use ur normie acc's Cannonballs to lure Smoke Devils, list goes on

Ironman's most efficient Corp method: Use as many friends as you can to spec down the Corp Beast for you while you kill the previous one.

All of these things are well known in the community, but Jagex doesn't do anything to protect the integrity of the gamemode anymore.
Its really up to the player's own morals in playing a "Solo sufficient gamemode".

Bryte H

Damn, I really wish I was there to help out. I loved this mini game as a kid; I spent as much time there as the average person probably spent at castle wars. Literally logged in, day after day, just so I could rush to this spot and get crushed by 115+ guys with full dh and fire capes. Good fucking times.

daniel foster


Coffee Succubus


I laugh when you say it idk why

Chris M

Yeah not really worth it for anyone but a karamja locked ironman. Green drags are better money

Spooge Rl

cant wait for bot farms to replicate this and crash the price of onyx

Thomas V

You've completed amazing grinds throughout this series and now that you can almost get started on the inferno it feels like you sold the soul of the series by boosting implings (and tokkul if you keep doing it).
Still really like watching you and im sure everyone understands but it's a pity nonetheless.
Paying people a generous amount of GP to spot an impling, with your mains bank, is really bending ironman gamemode IMO. Having your fanbase and cc help you boost tokkul would be the same


Hopefully mod ash is cringing somewhere LOL

Jamieson Mclachlan

Meanwhile I'm just trying to get the diary done.


Ok so next month prices of onyx going to drop

Mike D

Not really a discovery, it’s literally the only reward from that mini game.