NBA 2K17 My Career - How To Upgrade Free Throw Rating!

NBA 2K17 My Career - How To Upgrade Free Throw Rating!

906 501 views | 21 Sep. 2016

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Callum Brown

How do you upgrade the Stamina attribute ?

Thilan W


SavagePope Productions

My stamina a 80

Chris Czombos

They still need to fix the stickiness....getting 3 second violations because I can't control my player to move away from the AI.....


Dam chris about time you spoke out for the garbage things that they do to the game.

Malique Clarke

What leg sleeves are those?

Eugene Yuen

anyone can tell how to set the quarter time of My Career mode for the computer, I can only find the setting for my playing time but not computer playing time.
They are playing 12 minutes each quarter but I am only 7................

Tristan Morphew

Hoping for an update

Joon 33

if Chris is saying it you know it's a problem, he never complains

Mikey Molina

when smoove talks, 2K listens.

Wladislaw Dimitrow

We ain't talkin' 'bout the game man, we talkin' 'bout practice

Mighty Belly Production

We're talking about practice!!!


Does anyone know if it came out for Xbox one


Smoove could the practice being rewarding you +1 for the next game?


im a shot creator with defense shot off dribble and playmaking maxed i had to drop standing threes

LA SauceGod

I love yo vids bro me and you both on the Celtics and I'm a 89 playmaker you the best bro

Dre King



its built for pro am and not having cheese in pro am thats why they did it

gulzar ali




Lucas Osuna

caps have been trash the last two years


how do u do that exercise

Devin McCrady

Couldn't have said it better myself. #2kBringChange

Nicolo Farina

How is it possible to increase you speed with ball rating? When I upgrade the agility attributes it only upgrade speed, acceleration and vertical...

Malik P

My reaction time should be at a 90 and stamina a 80 by now, smh i cant believe it was never going up

Allan Joseph

so everytime it says +1 is it temporary or permanent?


It forces you to buy vc wtf am I supposed to do with a 55 overall out of college and it's so annoying going to practice to earn the upgrades because the load screens are sooooooo slow!!

majestic 07

Just use the ratings cheat and let us enjoy haha. :D


Once again 2k trying to do too much. Ratings shouldn't be an issue


2k is cheesan


Preach basketball players are forever evolving no need for boundaries

Rey Ambalada


Drew Hickman

I can't do dribble moves for some reason and I have them equipped.... what am I doing wrong? Why can't I use my dribble moves

Bryan Frent

So did they fix the freethrow/stamina thing yet?

Randy Brooks

can you upgrade badges in offline?

Mike Will

You ain't never lied, they fucked up on caps. My PF in 2k16 was ridiculous now I can barely have a mid game


don't really see why they let the park ruin my career. just balance the op players in the park and let people have fun in my career


why do u wear #27

Tim Johnson

One unrealistic thing is shouldn't there be a team practice atleast once or twice a week?

Charles B

2k got worse after 12 an 13


Great great video. I agree 1000000000000%!

James McWorthy


Damani Williams

On the last gen all the attributes are there

Uncle Timo

nba2k14 still best.


When the salary cap in the NBA goes up more than 2k caps...

Awaken Witness

When I started to build player and it had Curry and Westbrook showing I thought I was going to be able to build a strong player, then I see the most absurd cap spaces ever. I don't know why 2K won't let you build a strong/versatile player.


I did what you said and it worked for me


2k needs to go back to the upgrade system from 2k14

Jevon Irvine

do you have to have the game

Kaos Jay



Justice improves as you improve every time your overall goes up his goes up.

OG Rod

Building the ultimate role players

iceBerg Slim

Has anyone actually gotten any attribute boosts from filling there doing work bar?? I've been doing it for so long and no changes in the attributes..what up


Are any of us still surprised with 2K? They hype the game all the way to snoop dogg level then they release a mess. Every single year.


people sub to me!!!! and i will make NBA2K17 gameplay DAILY!

Benaiah King

which is why 12 and 13 where the best ..


These cap ratings are retarded, as a shot creater I can i have a 71 overall three and that's the highest it goes? Nah that's dumb

Semon Kesete

I Thank NBA 2K19 i'll be awesome

David Cordero

Some thing I can't figure out Is why shot close on a 7 foot post scorer is at a 54?!??!??!
How do we increase that ?!??!!

Joshua Escobar

dumb 2k luck I didn't buy it

that guy

dude, preach!!!!

I agree 100% man, in 2k16 I could have a tall sg that can attack the basket and shoot the three. that is my favorite playstyle but in 2k17 it's just not possible to make that guy.

Aiden Robinson

My justice has a 99 3

Yeezy yeet

it will upgrade in player progression

Marcel Winkler

2k is trying to move towards E-Gaming, they try to make different "classes" I guess.

Elijah Patterson

I have speed and 3

Khari Jones

when chris smoove say something they listen


Agreed !!

Stephen Ganison

to increase the attributes you must earn a gold to keep the +1 it is possible

Anthony Perez

PREACH! I've pretty much maxed my player out and he's still kinda trash.

Nicholas Hall

The fucking click bait is real.

Romello Note

they fail to change the my career for no reason they stay changing for the worse over-all the game isn't bad it's just the caps tf

Rodney Philpott

my park is actually stupid, I would much rather an offline game mode tbh

Luke Bee

I thought you could go past the attribute caps by filling the doing work meter???

Ronel Priela

i support the caps I don't want 7'3 players ruining the park w those crazy handles


they need to increase the number of available upgrades


NBA Live 17?

Mike Uy

It's fixed now


2k always messing something up

Goldie Locs

he forgot kobe

Emery Laney

he is right.

IRoc Versace23

Chris going crazy


is it fixed yet

Turtles Rock 215970

I have an 87 stamina




I think u can buy stamina boosts from the udgrade store


anyone notice when sometimes people score in games the scoreboard doesn't change??? come on 2k

Henry Miller

Chris Smoove will always have a special place in my heart. Anyone else?


what shot is that smoove?

steve heaps

Not at all how it works for me, mine have stayed the same since getting too 94


clickbait! :(

Caleb Hernday

2k my career mode peaked in 2k11

Blake Morgan

But how do you do that in practice


what freethrow does he use?

Rain Supreme Ent

2K always fuckin up the simplest shit

18 K

2k need a whole lot of patches

Ahsoka Tano

mine is going up


Damn man, you are so right!!!

Denton Anthony

Smoove ur doing work meter has to be empty

Chris Grays

I literally agree with everything you said

Hoopy Frood Jay

Should we... I don't know...start a petition or something? The game has been out a week, I'm sure they could patch a few things if we put some pressure on them.