Guitar lesson for "Strangers" by The Kinks

Guitar lesson for "Strangers" by The Kinks

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My notes and tabs for this lesson can be found here:

In this lesson, I show you how to play the song "Strangers" by The Kinks. I'll show you the chords, progressions, and strumming patterns used throughout the song. Tabs and lyrics are included. I do hope you enjoy this and find it helpful.


If you want to view more of my lessons, visit which is my personal collection of lessons, tabs, and notes -- all created with care by me (David Potsiadlo).


thank you! <3

Bshd Ndnd

Thanks for the lesson

Mike McG

I like how you show the lyrics with the chords while playing. Very helpful.


wow super lesson!!! : D the strumming is a tough thing to get right alone! : )

Paul S

A perfectly presented and explained lesson. Thanks!

Jeff Snedden

David, great song choice thank you. I'm not a huge Kinks fan, but the album that this song comes from, "Lola vs Powerman and the Moneygoround Part One" (!) is full of great songs, you should check it out if you haven't

Katinka Szabó

Thank you so much!:)


Sunny Afternoon, 20th Century Man, Celluloid Heroes, Full Moon, Apeman, Living On A Thin Line, and Victoria. Thanks in advance for any of those you can supply lessons for.

Matteo Bruno

Where are you going, I don't mind
I've killed my world and I've killed my time
So where do I go? What will I see?
I see many people coming after me
So where are you going to, I don't mind
If I live too long I'm afraid I'll die
So I will follow you wherever you go
If your offered hand is still open to me

Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two, we are one

So you've been where I've just come
From the land that brings losers on
So we will share this road we walk
And mind our mouths and beware our talk
'Til peace we find, tell you what I'll do
All the things I own I will share with you
And, if I feel tomorrow like I feel today
We'll take what we want and give the rest away

Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two, we are one

Holy man and holy priest
This love of life makes me weak at my knees
And when we get there, make your play
'Cause soon I fear you're gonna carry us away
And a promised lie you made us believe
For many men there is so much grief
And my mind is proud but it aches with rage
And, if I live too long I'm afraid I'll die

Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two, we are one
Strangers on this road we are on

Tyler Kryst

cant thank u enough

Colin Craven

Just found your channel
Great .
Hey I grew up with the kinks
Live them
All of there songs can you teach me them all
Waterloo sunset has to be one of my all time favourites
Hey we went to see the musical up the road in wales
Mega .
Thanks for the vid .....


Good lesson

Song Notes by David Pots

Hello all – let me know what other songs by The Kinks you may want to hear lessons for! Lola is definitely one I have on a short list to do fairly soon, but I'd love to know about other favorites you have. Thanks!

Clare Davis-Wheeler Chin

Thank you so much- really fantastic and helpful! I was nervous to play this song for a friend's wedding but feel much better now. Thanks again!

Tiana Cecere

Song Notes hello! Thanks for the awesome lesson!
I really would like to learn 'I'm not like everybody else' by the kinks!
Thankyou :)


It is simply great! Thanks for the strumming which I found the most difficult:-)

Daisy Auger

And why not "Harry rag"or "i m not like everybody Else but the first version !
Merci beaucoup!!!

Akshay Bhatia

quality guitar lesson. Loved this

Daisy Auger

Awsome tutoriel!i love the kinks and if you can making à tutoriel for Lola !thanks