Jojo's Bizarre Fashion: The Surprising Influences on Araki's Designs

Jojo's Bizarre Fashion: The Surprising Influences on Araki's Designs

21 956 views | 1 Jan. 2019

The fashion in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure may seem completely original at first, but actually have clear antecedents. In this video, I explain and show examples of some of Araki's influences.

0:23 Skips the introduction. No other timestamps since there's only one main point in the video.

Link dump:

Basic interview

About situation in the world.

Jojo fansite


ARtistic influences

The Jojo pose comparison repository mentioned in the video: (Dead link, sorry)

Most of the leads for which designers and artists to look up were from the Hirohiko Araki's Japanese Wikipedia page. Then, the images that make the comparisons were recovered from various sources from online searches.


Nooo, the site you linked is no longer working

Dhanish Mahmood

Majority of the jojos fashion is actually inspired by Prince and that’s from Karz, Josuke and even to Pucci and other etc. Well Prince is Araki’s favourite musician

Doppo Vulkan

Ay I liked the video. The information was certainly helpful. Earned a Sub!

umer malik

Also Josukes hairstyle and fit is taken from Prince

Micah Volpe

That moschino pin you showed a pic of is so cool. Absolute grail if I ever found one

I Like Sorbet

My favourite character, Joshuke

paco ramon

The male stripper style.

Chaire _e

This is a great video dude. I've always loved the fashion in jojo and it's nice to learn what influenced it. :)

hsiF A

I am doing a project for school on fashion in jojo’s and this video is very helpful

FBI oxalem

Why did i think he was inspired by tom of finland

Jean Didier Aboubakar

I lost weight so im renewing my clothing style , this helped me a lot . Thank you


nice researches ! That's what I like about Araki's style, the elegance, baroque esthetic of the characters and their poses is unique and very appreciable



Final Revelation

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J.A. Dennis


سنا هانى

That's a topic that I'd like to see more often! Thanks for the video, I really love seeing what inspires artists that I like as it gives you an idea of how their brains work

Maha Oricalcos

Jolyne and Trish una's fashion style is inspired by alternative fashion, also diavolo and abbacchio have clear goth vibes

Beatriz Anita

The sailor inspo for the last jojo is probably from jp gaultier