Ep. 94 | 6 Reasons Hog Calling Fails- Interview with Glenn Guess "Hog Zombies"

Ep. 94 | 6 Reasons Hog Calling Fails- Interview with Glenn Guess "Hog Zombies"

3 164 views | 20 Feb. 2020

This week, back by popular demand, we are honored to have Glenn Guess of Hog Zombies on the podcast. Glenn is a long time friend of The Late Night Vision Show and one of our most popular guests. Glenn is a world renowned hog caller and though years of studying and raising wild hogs he has leaned a great deal about their behavior and vocals. He has recorded many hog sounds that can be used with the Convergent electronic game callers. On this show Glenn discusses many mistakes that hunters make when calling wild hogs and answers all the questions that Hans and Jason can throw at him. If you don’t learn something from this episode, you probably weren’t listening good!

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- Hans and Jason


Great Show as Always. I love listening to him. I don’t know why I didn’t think that the hogs wouldn’t circle down wind like Coyotes. It makes a lot of sense. Also I think a lot of criticism about the hog calling is because when he is talking about hog calling it comes across like the hogs come almost all the time. I heard him today say that he wasn’t able to call the hogs in the last three days. So can he talk more about the times he doesn’t get the hogs to come in equally to the times they don’t. Basically setting expectations. Furthermore, I think the hogs on my cousins 60 acre property are chased away from the aggressive sounds on the caller.Can he go over in another show all the things in hog hunting to find the hogs? Thanks

Mike Genco

Leaving for Texas tomorrow
I ask glen this past week on help for my hug hunt. I have the bullet hp and the app
Glen sent me info to try
That was great of him. I am going to let him know we I get back in a week .how we do
Thanks again Glen

CJ Nesti

I hog hunt over bait at night in N.C.
How long can I run the call
Can I switch from predator calls back to Hog calls
Your thoughts please

RobLisa Tyler

Great show


Great show guys. Always a learning experience when Glenn is on.

Hog Zombies

the name of the other video is "6 reasons hog calling fails" fyi.


Another great show as always. Really enjoy the episodes with Glenn such a wealth of information. Definitely looking forward to the coon sounds getting worked out and made available. Now for the AGM thermal reviews!!

Cade Edwards

Great information guys, really hoping i can get a bullet ordered soon.

Ted Bates


Joe jeans

Do you guys recommend Night vision guys? I’m going to a HALO LR. And If you buy a HALO LR they throws in a Free an-pvs-7. $7495. I watch your show its excellent. And I didn’t know Trijicon had a Reap 35mm 2. . I just thought there was a 1st gen. I saw on TLNVC.web. That will be my other purchase. Got to love American Express no interest 15 months. On new cards plus 80,000 points sign up bonus.