Jiralhanae Brute VS A Necromorph Brute | Halo VS Dead Space | Biological Break Down Explained | Lore

Jiralhanae Brute VS A Necromorph Brute | Halo VS Dead Space | Biological Break Down Explained | Lore

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It is fairly undeniable that the Jiralhanae species is much stronger than the Human species. However, Mutagenic changes induced by the marker signal may give the conglomeration of humans a leg up in the fight. In this I will cover the strengths and weaknesses between the two and determine who exactly would come out on top and how they would fair in combat.

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Lucas Ammons

Jiralhanae J not Y,


Don’t seem far to put a naked halo boi vs dead space give them a gravity hammer then we’ll call it even


What if the brutes has gravity hammers? Not only that, but the blades on the maulers, brute shots, and gravity hammers can cut through spartan armor, usually killing a spartan in two hits(in game)

Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

The zombie equivalent will always win over the originally living opponent.

Skyler Arroniz

Nah shoulda used the necromorph that regenerates itself


Wait, if the Necromorphs were to join the Human-Covenant War, wouldn't they be the 7th faction? You have the Humans, the Covenant, the Flood, the leftover Forerunner AIs, the Heretics, and the Banished. Even if you knock out the Forerunner AIs, there is still 3 other factions.

Kross bbx

Most brutes weapons double as melee weapons and lets not forget about gravity hammers

I think halo brutes would win

Down Ceasar

You’ve also gotta remember the Jiralhanae are strong enough to pick up a spartan with only one arm. Like when Jeromes shoulder was crushed with quite literally zero effort, despite all the “invincible” armor they wear

kane preton

Gravity hammers!

thefakers pop

I got 50 on necromorph

Sponsored by booze

Can you do a video about Xenomorphs vs Jiralhanae

Bobalmighty 707

Army of ubermorphs?

Spartan-Felix Haul

Tbh would be a nuts fight to check out again. Like look at the size difference between a human from Halo and the brutes lmao and imagine Isaac next to one then look at the dead space brutes next to issac.


says he will use halo species name Jiralhanae instead of brute as not to confuse later on..
30 seconds later " the body of a brute will be just that..."

Drazen Bristow

Brutes win

Lucas Ammons

Like I have said before good video...however it still needs editing...the way you say the Brute (Halo) species is still distracting. Here is a better link than the one I provided last time on how to say their name properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhuV9ut0GS8.

Chevy Trucks

The dead space brute would have been utterly nullified and killed by the Halo brutes.
Here’s why.
The brutes use Gravity hammers that send even the largest of objects back. Halo warthogs are heavy and are able to completely smash and send those almost 2000 pound beings away with ease.
The gravity hammer is meant to break apart and send objects away from where it hits. The armor the brute has would not do much to stop the hammer from coming down.
Even in the event they don’t have a gravity hammer, they are armed with firebombs. Fire is something they don’t like. Also, fuel rod guns.
In the event the fuel rod guns don’t work, they use choppers that can use splash damage and ramming speed to knock away or even blast apart the dead space brutes.
They also use wraiths. Same ramming technique, Also a large mortar styled howitzer plasma cannon.
Also, banshee’s.
Pretty sure I saw some brutes using ghosts too. Though the guns on the host most likely wouldn’t be able to penetrate the dead space brutes armor.

Crabboi The psycho

Yes I agree that the Brutes would rip the Slashers apart, the Brutes are cocky and see the Dead Space Brute and say "Yeah, we can take that thing" and promptly die, and also I wanna hear who this would go further, because most likely the brutes would either stay in orbit or go back to the Covenant with the survivors and the survivors start morphing into Brute Feeders

Dank_Smirk 2nd Channel

Brute vs Krogan would be sick!

Tyreece Baker

Nedenator 9000

I would agree with you 6/10 times because I can see multiple halo brutes ripping apart the dead space brutes by the shoulders and throwing ones that are relatively intact into other brutes but that’s just my look on the situation

Wilf Nelson

I think you missed that the marker would manipulate the berserker rage of the jiralhanae to their advantage. Anyone with a tendency to violent or mental instability like a rage mode were the first to fall under the marker's influence and this was exasperated by stress. See dead space extraction, dead space 1 and dead space aftermath for examples.

Once the marker recognises the jiralhanae as biomass it will get into their heads, focus on their tendency for violence and sadism and likely make them turn on each other through hallucinations and delusions.

An interesting question is a brethren moon Vs a gravemind. Although they are so similar it is questionable which would win. That being said I suspect it is the brethren moon since the marker signal can reanimate and reshape dead flesh so it could potentially reshape the gravemind against its will.


I am 79.7 kilograms :(


This fight would be down to who got the first hit in.

Xeno Mama

Team necromorph
1.a slashers claws can Pearce the weaker parts of the armour
2. A necromorph brethren moon could destroy a covenant mothership
3: the infectors can revive dead necromorph's
4. A necromorph like the tormentor regenerator ubermorph hivemind
Wall monster and devider would give the brute a hard time
5. A lurker or exploder
Could distract brutes
Because they are small or
Kill them
6. A divider split's into smaller necromorph spawn and that would. Annoy the brutes
i mean the PUKER would dissolve the armour and slow them down and leave
The skin vulnerable

Justin Wineland

Don't forget bruteshots come with huge blades underneath just for stuff like this


Don’t forget some of the nastier weapons the brutes can carry such as gravity hammers, which much the the 40k thunderhammers they seem to emulate, can wreck an armored vehicle. I would expect a jiralhanae armed with one to chunky salsify a necromorph brute.


Necromorphs have the advantage of having regenerating muscle fibers and bone, meaning they can keep on punching the wall until they get through the wall. Even when the muscle tears and bones shatter, they will regenerate and the necromorph will keep on attacking.

Jiralhanae are forced to stop at certain point as their bones and muscles have a stress limit, whengone past, even their muscles and bones begin to break..

Big Robot Guy with Cheesy Socks

Normally they are Worst Covenant, but in this case, go Halo Brutes! Dead Space sucks, Halo is better.

EA are such cowards they can't even criticize $cientology correctly, so they make their "Unitology" religion more of a demonized version of New Age/Science of Mind, a religion that did nothing wrong but already gets shat on by everyone from evangelical Christians to militant atheists. Scientology on the other hand is evil and deserves every bit of criticism, which EA couldn't do because they value money.


Honestly the Jiralhanae if being over runned by something their Type -25 Brute shots. Then two things will happen the local captain is going to pull out his trusty Gravity Hammer and crush one. The other Jiralhanae officers will call for support. And this means low orbital strikes from their ships. Glassing the planet entirely. Killing everything on the planet.

Atriox would immediately start glassing any planet that has these markers on them . Rather his fellow Jiralhanae are down there or not. The minute one of his captains starts yelling about the Flood. Or possibly Flood infection on the planet.
Sangheili would do the same.
"One single Flood spore can destroy a species. Were it not for the Arbiter's counsel, I would have glassed your entire planet!" - Rtas Vadum To Lord Hood.

So after the first portion of the engagement knowing that eating the Flood is likewise a death sentence the and assuming he and his pack mates to be Infected the Brute Captain in charge would wire the drop ship to explode so that this new Flood form can not escape. Then radio up to the fleet reporting the new Flood like form .

It would go something like this...

Captain Plutus to War Chiefton Atriox do you read? .

Atriox to Captain Plutus what is brother?
Captain Plutus to Atriox : We have made contact with what appears to be a new strain of Flood and engaged them in hand to hand combat, most of my pack are wounded and we are likely all infected by the blood of the filth . Requesting immediate orbital support on my location. I wish to die a Jiralhanae not some infected zombie.

Atriox to Captain Plutus: See you in the next life Brother . May the gods guide your soul.

The entire Fleet begins the Process of glassing . In his final moments Captain Plutus lifts his hammer and said rejoice my Brothers we go to our salvation.... Boom as the glassing beam strikes.
After this the Brutes no longer land troops on human worlds and simply exterminate them from orbit.

Brotherhood OutCast

I was curious as to who would win between the Chimera in Resistance series and the Locusts in the Gears series

Matthew Anderson

I feel there would be a few with grav hammers and that would sway the decision to halo....


Brutes from halo aren’t animals they can make tactical decisions energy swords for the win

Trevor C

The thing is tho In a more "realistic" encounter the Jiralhanae would have more than just spikers and brute shots, they'd have fuel rod cannons, gravity hammers, plasma turrets and what not, along with chieftains having invincibility powerups. They'd also have phantoms, wraiths, scarabs, choppers and prowlers to combat the necromorphs, although I do agree face to face it's hard to call.

14 year old

What about gravity hammers?

OblivionTheKhajiit 1

The only people who would survive would be gamers cause we already saw all of this

Smig Grig

What do you think about brute design change do you prefer bear snout brutes from halo 2 or the monkey orc brutes from halo wars 2

Preston Normile

"For the rest of the planet"
I see what you did there

draco hunter

What about vehicles like the choppers from Halo 3 that they drove? The front end chews everything up and you even had video clips of them with energy swords, wouldn't those make quick work of the brutes while they had juice?

Adam B.

I think there's a lot of variables, like is their a hive mind? If so, I think it would learn the straight forward tactic is a bad one, allow the brutes to be ambushed more easily by slashes. Also B. Would these brutes have experienced the flood before? If not, that would also not be in their favor. Assuming the necros would win, they would convert all that body mass into more efficient necros I would imagine and a 2nd or 3rd attempt by the covenants would just feed the necros, however if they think its flood, they wouldn't send a 2nd wave, they would probably glass the planet

Leonardo Mafra Reina

I imagine what would be Jiralhanae vs The Ubermorph necromorph or The Hunter necromorph...

mr. Pineapple

What if the brute was made of brutes

Erika Itsumi

When you started this out the way you described it it sounded more like a collector attack from mass effect also the covies could just activate the halo array and book it out the galaxy

Priscila Acosta

What about the gravity hammers?


sooo, one problem i see with this is that the... (checks title for spelling XD) Jiralhanae likely can't be infected by the marker. the marker signal works much like a dormant virus from what i remember, causing one spices to evolve to a space worthy state, and then once they discover the marking the signal changes in a way causing the insanity and changing. whether or not consuming the necromorphs causes Jiralhanae to change is beyond me as the feeders were human, making them vulnerable to the single either way. This wouldn't change the outcome i believe, ( i just thought of this while playing DS3) but unless you mixed around the lore a bit to have all the halo species evolve from the marker signal, the bru... Jiralhanae likely won't turn on there brothers.

Calen Timms

Gotta disagree. Here's my reasoning.

Isaac, a single human man of average physical qualities in a space suit that looks like it's made out of spandex, egg cartons and tin cans, can kill a brute with a mining tool.

A Jiralhanae would tear through dozens of them easily. I don't really care how much or how dense the chitin is, it wouldn't resist superheated plasma that can melt through steel. It wouldn't stop a plasma sword that can penetrate the engine block of a Warthog. Jiralhanae aren't just apes. They would quickly realise what weapons work and what do not and they're not above using technology other than their ancestral weaponry, even modifying their own types of plasma rifle. I don't believe it's even possible for an organic compound to be "harder than steel", so plasma would cut through it, which is why the covenant and people fighting them use overshields and why Hunters carry giant shields made of magic fantasy metal.

It would take maybe 1 or 2 deaths for them to realise where the weak areas are. Not only that, because of the nature of armours that they and their enemies and allies wear, the armpit would be an obvious and immediate option as soon as close combat was initiated. That's like, page 1 of every hand to hand combat manual concerning armour that's been released since the bronze age. They don't even need to tear the arm off strength to strength. Just slip a blade in and wiggle it around a bit as you pull and leverage would do most of the work, just like how a butcher can pull apart a cow without necessarily having to pull directly at the joint of it's leg to remove it's leg.

At the end of the day from my perspective, you have two creatures. Both are of very similar size, weight and strength. One is highly intelligent and it's species was capable of mastering space flight and who's culture revolves around fighting, killing, butchering and fighting more. The other is a lump of meat with a questionable level of intelligence, being easily outwitted by a man with a laser cutter and an engineering degree as it bumbles around ineffectually throwing globs of goo that don't even cause that much damage to Isaac, much less a fully armoured gorilla with an overshield. It's seems like a no-brainer to me.

Though you're probably right about the signal and the entire fleet would be decimated by psychic space magic.

David Jones

Flood infected Brute


Ey, what about gravity hammers? Gravity hammers would render the armor of the Necromorph Brutes majorly useless. I think the Jiralhanae would fare a lot better if equipped with gravity hammers.

West Coast Warriors Archive

Something to note about the brutes sending master chief flying despite weighing 1000+ pounds. I had a chance to talk with a developer for bungie when some of them gave a presentation at my school and a question came up about getting tossed across the map by enemies like hunters, and the turtle people in destiny. The reason that you get launched across the map is because that big wind up melee attack is a hard coded animation so it doesnt stop once started.

So essentially when you get hit by one of those melee attacks you are getting hit by an object with infinite mass.

Payton Vert

So ur saying the brutes would win until the (halo) brutes decide to glass the moon also what abt gravity hammers

Ratcat McDirtyScrapperPunk

An absolutely epic battle to behold!... Until a tormentor appears.

Would tripods be a bit more effective against Jirahanae in your book Roanoke? What do you think?

Adrian Åslund

Since the Necromorphs are basically THE perfect adaption of an army of the undead in space im wondering how they would fare in the 40k universe.
Necromorphs vs Necrons would be interesting.
The Necrons seek to sterilize the universe while the Necromorphs are decidedly fleshy and non sterile. Necrons are made of living metal and wouldnt be able to be infected easily of at all.


2 days ago I was wondering if this matchup could exist and now, this.

Keer Jarliduke

“Ehg, glass them.”


Its funny that one space engineer can kill thousands of Necromorph brutes, but a fleat of Covenant brutes can't kill many of them...

OblivionTheKhajiit 1

Wait dont the brutes have gravity hammers

Roanoke Gaming

There was supposed to be music in this but apparently I made it WAAAYYYY to quiet, so enjoy the soothing sounds of my voice! You guys know the drill, liking and commenting really does help the video get out there but also its cool to talk to people in the comments. Hope y'all enjoyed it! If you are new, subbing is also pretty cool as my ego rises to new heights never before thought possible! Thanks for watching guys!


Necromorph Vs clickers

Natsu Dragneel

What would happen if one of the covenant brutes were infected by the infector necromorph

Kevin Toole

I think the Necromorph Brute would win.

Luke Z

But remember almost all of a brutes weapons has spikes and or blades on it so the brutes might have a slightly better chance especially if they use the brute shots bayonet on a nechromorph brutes weak spots

Minseok Shin

BTW, the word Jiralhanae would translate to Korean as " Talking bullsh*t nonsense" or something along those lines. hahahah


The games may not make it obvious but necromorphs are actually pretty smart and have the intellect of a pack of predatory animals like wolves but even worse when you consider the hive mind that is the marker. i highly doubt the necromorphs would just run full sprint the second they land. The slashers almost always prefer stealth and tactics. This is obvious with how they will attempt to sneak up on you and use vents as quick transportation as well as playing dead. I mean come on dead space 1 has you crash landing inside a ship can't get much louder than that yet the nercromorphs still wait for a opportunity to kill the security team in the dark using a vent after the power goes out in the first room.

Majora's Mask

Then there's the possibility that once what's left of the Jiralhanae squad retreats (if any survived at all), they'd order the immediate glassing of the moon, declaring that it has been infected with a Flood-like bio hazard that cannot be allowed to leave the moon at any cost.

Christopher Smith

The Brute Shot would be devastating to the Brutes in the second engagement. Massed 40mm grenade fire into the learned weakspots? It'll be a bad day for the grunts who have to clean up afterwards.

Mr CaveTroll

Gravity hammer squad!


Could we get video of a Fallout Super Mutant Behemoth vs El Gigante from Resident Evil 4?

Patrick S

Necromorph Spartan.

West Coast Warriors Archive

Where can I find these halo movies being used as background footage?

SinxShadow595 X9

It makes me wonder how would the brutes handle the Tormentor from Dead Space 2 a larger and possibly more stronger version than a Necromorph Brute actually no scratch that how about brutes from Halo versus brutes Plus Tormentor plus Hunter

Marcey Gochnour

Hunter vs hunter please

Lucas MacDonald

Imagine this as a crossover

Why not Bagels?

It'd be cool if halo could win one of these, but their universe is too reasonable and makes too much actual sense.

The Ocanas Boyz

What about the gravity hammer, it makes brutes go flying and it's a normal weapon for brutes to carry with them. So i think if there were a few gravity hammers on the field it might make a change in the encounter.

Cloud Consolw

Dead space will win I love dead space it’s the best game ever

Xeno Mama

Xeno vs flood vs necromorph

Rob Bagel

Wat about plasma blades


I made a character that not only resisted the marker signal, but also reverse engineered the marker, causing it to kill off any necromorph bacteria in range. If that isn't crazy, he also beat a flood gravemind in chess, as part of a deal to save the universe. The madman name? Simon.

Psycho Lamborghini

I think the brutes (halo) could probably use the bladed side if the brute shot to slash the limbs off of the brutes (deadspace)

Isaac Cere

Answering the real questions


You forgot to mention all the weapons Jiralhanae Brutes use. And vehicles. Like plasma weaponry, Brute Grenade launcher, and the Gravity Hammer.


3:04 I'd be scared if anything with a gun that has 2 blades on it runs towards me, just saying.

Gerald Yeager

Two big Bois fighting to see who is the bigger boi.

Grim Looters

I think perhaps too little credence was given to Jiralhanae weapons here - they've got a lot of very nasty weapon-mounted blades and things they can use against the necromorphs, plus ample access to explosives and incendiary measures. Plasma cutters are a perfect weapon for burning through necromorph limbs - what about plasma rifles? Plasma cannons? Gravity hammers?

Though, overall, I do agree with the general outcome.


What would a brute made of Jiralhanne be like

Kayden Neyers

Very tall moonkey hehe

crimson shinobi

8:57 what game or movie does this cutscene come from?


I feel like to the Jiralhanae, the Necromorph Brutes would be pretty similar to the Mgalekgolo/Hunters; And Jiralhanae definitely have experience fighting those, but they'd still fall to the Marker's signal easily anyways. Would be interesting to see how the Prophets would react to the Red Marker's signal.

The Writer

1 on 1: Jiralhanae wins, fairly easy. The Jiralhanae would simply start tearing off the Brute's arm and beat it to death lmao. It'd be a pleasure to the Jiralhanae.
100 on 100: Ultimately a tie, since the Jiralhanae would win the initial encounter but would eventually succumb to the Marker's influence prolly.

Superbeast 8806

The Krogan vs the halo brutes would be great to see

Jack Lotz

The necromorphs would meet master
Chief and then go “sorry sir, we will stop trying to kill and infect everyone have a good day” and see themselves out of the universe.

Arc Angle

You forgot something:

Necros can't be killed, only maimed as they are already dead flesh. If you piece it limb by limb , even then they'll charge as long as it's something that can move.


Brute vs Resident evil Tyrant AKA Mr. X
I got money on MR. X

Dova Dude

dude humanity finding out about a marker at the same time chief could get infected with flood and a hell portal opens up made by some scientists on some distant covenant planet then an alternate serra i believe it's called that whatever the planet from gears of war is then the lambency is released and then a psycho rampant ai makes xenomorphs and everyone's absolutely fucked

nine divines

I dissagre A gravity hammer or a brute shot could probably damage a brute any vehicles would destroy them and a scarab or a wraith

Erika Itsumi

What about the lek golo the hunters they arent one organsism

Shay D. Mann

I feel like shooting a ds brute with artillery or a tank would be effective enough

Derp Man

I know this is late but Dead Space Brute VS Halo Juggernaunt? Wormy bois in metal suit vs ded bois. It's late I know. Sorry


Spoilers the brute won

Joey Crosby

Thanks for the fanfic idea