'Baby Scumbag’ Arrested, Accused Of Sexually Exploiting 12-Year-Old

'Baby Scumbag’ Arrested, Accused Of Sexually Exploiting 12-Year-Old

383 353 views | 18 Dec. 2015

A young YouTube and Instagram celebrity named 'Baby Scumbag' has been arrested and accused of sexually exploiting a pre-teen girl. The teen was arrested along with his father and another man who works with him, all three of them were charged with lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss Baby Scumbag's alleged crimes. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Read more here: http://jezebel.com/15-year-old-skateboard-star-baby-scumbag-charged-with-s-1748505071

"A 15-year-old YouTube skateboard star has been arrested and charged with committing lewd acts on a child under 14, along with his 22-year-old manager and another skater, 27. Steven Fernandez, who’s nicknamed “Baby Scumbag,” is accused of luring a 12-year-old girl by promising to put her on a nonexistent MTV special if she performed sex acts.

Fernandez has over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube and one million Instagram followers, and gained fame as a baby skater when he was just 13. TMZ was first to report that he was arrested Wednesday along with manager Jose Barajas, 22, and another skater, 27-year-old Keelan Dadd. A press release from the Los Angeles Police Department refers to Fernandez as a “prime mover” in a conspiracy to exploit the 12-year-old, and says they are seeking more victims."


The Young Turks December 17, 2015 Hour 2


'Baby Scumbag’ Arrested, Accused Of Sexually Exploiting 12-Year-Old


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Da Pimp

So I don't really care about Steven. He's out, but what about Keelan. What's up with him. He seemed pretty cool


He was one perverted 15 year old . Precocious. Definitely needed help

lady poppin

Stop judging u stupid shit


Now I know why I haven't seen any Keegan Dadd footy recently.

Genesis Huizar



this is actually utterly pathetic

Michael Mansouri

I really don't see how you can put the blame on the kid. He's been basically raised by 20+ year old losers since he was 10, and they obviously were the ones condoning and suggesting it.


Steven only did it for the views


Steven has been proven innocent.



bianca bonilla

Shut up there is nothing wrong with him


What do you expect? He's learning from the adults.

Cesar Gonzalez

Don't blame scumbags parents they do discipline him for the things he does but he had to keep his persona as baby scumbag so he could get the money his family needed bc his dad had like cancer in his eye I think but Ik he had cancer... && but I don't think this is entirely true bc a lot of girls just wanna do things with scumbag like that and I think she offered it to him then turned around for fame and said things bc the girl did not look 12 and is suddenly blowing up on Instagram

Lucas Appel

Please remove this video, it was proven that he didn't do shit..

Aaron Brotheim

He grew up in Compton

Connor Cardace

U guys are assholes

steezy scumbag


Charlie Castillo

They only do this for views

ft.kaikai 11

stfu he got bigger than all of u guys he didn't rape nun


This is some bullshit he is just a savage

elijah Sanchez

lil cloud gang

Gardenia Ceja

Praying for Steven

Evelyn Celeste

That girl lied

Caleb Yellowbird


edgar artis


Cindy Lopez

bruh I knew babyscumbag we went to the same middle school

Chime In

He really is nasty wtf

El nenito racing

he didn't do anything like tf


the people in the video need to shut up cause those are all lies and they are trying to make Steven look bad and make him lose his fans

Joseph Vlogs

You guys hating lmao


In my scul 13 yro girls talking bout bodies if yk wat i mean

Carlos Valdez

I'm sitting near steven in the same classroom right now

Kevin Martinez

Everybody here defending Steven and his buds are 12-15 year olds smh


Baby scumbag, hmmmmm, haven't heard that name in years haha

El nenito racing


Kathryn Myers

he didn't do anything he was proved innocent the girl lied so get ur facts straight before u judge

El nenito racing



Honestly I want to punch the dude that said "Might Be A Clue"

Carla Rodriguez



There's always a bunch of idiots in the comments. One of the downfalls of YT.




Guess what he was falsely accused


And all bcuz of Isabella


I know this was old but Did they ever have proof or just word from what the girl said bc she CLEARLY wanted attention so it seems as if she would just say all this for attention.

Charlie Castillo

Bro they judge him on his nickname these people are lame

G Lame

Dammit now these young turds videos are gonna be showing up on my suggestions.


I remembered this dude outta no where and searched him up, I come to find this.. craaaazy


Shut your dumbass mouth up

Genesis Garcia

Can y'all really stfu steven is not like that y'all just have mental issues

Jhonmarie Clerville


Daron Hill

Who told yall keelan Dadd and Barajas hooked up with a 12 year old, the only one who was sexually involved here was Steven.

Carla Rodriguez

The girl lied


so Is He Out?


He sure lived up his reputation


Daisy Jimenez

Really people

Chelsea Pineda

He doesn't touch girl tf

Jasmine Garza

watch all is stupid fans to still support him

kassandra barraza

this is so funny to me

An.thony. Sk8ss

I remember last time I saw him was in 2018 he was looking really down but he kept skating and took some slams I knew he wouldn’t come back to the park for a while and he hasn’t came back since

Unknown Unknown

Yeah, I've known of the kid for a very long time (years now).... I always thought it was sad to see all the provacative acts he purposed on his channel at a young age.

snoop dogg dank kush


davis lockhart


idkhonestly idk

wtf he did nothing this lil12 year old kid lies so stfu stupit rods4l✋


He's got girls 18+ for him and shit, why would he exploit a 12yr old for nothing, he doesn't get anything out of it, someone who owns a celebs social media accs would ideally be their 1st accused, it's a no brainer really

Pothead For life

That bitch was 14 when he was 15 get y’all lying ass up


Can you please, please, please update this story. Much of the information is now different now. Steven was proven innocent.

Kathryn Myers



Wait is that why he quit skating? Did hi sponsors leave him because of this?


The people who ruined Steven's career

Christian S

Well if she said yes it isn't exactly sexual explicit they are both kids anyway

Zach Hendrix

keelen dadd is innocent.

Joseph Richardson

Your surprised? Every kid got a phone!

Jeremiah Simmons

he was proven innocent and the dude who said "might be clue" lol

Coow Len

mmmm no bitch

Nani D lucky


Noah Camara

This guy reminds me of John Madden




that is not true the girl was living and i know this was a long time ago but us scummy's know its all a lye

John Callebs

Um I'm 12 but I'm not weird like he was

jakepaul squaddd

Boo this is bullshit and fake all people know bitch


tbh i dont know what happened but this is what i say people now days r fucked up i think tht steven never tried doing tht knowing people now im guessin tht steven didnt do what the girl wanted so the girl got mad and acused him of tht so idk

drayton fanning

this is bull shit

Nani D lucky



the real blame is on the adults...that kids just a savage

Literarily Maddss

If y'all watch his video He talks about everything

Alan Rochin

you guys are pieces of shit he is under age




So did the two older dudes know her age or did Steven just pick up a random girl?


Ahh she said touching them without their consent lol


did the girls parent's get arrested ?
given sexual activity for favors or gaining $ is prostitution.
hope she's getting professional help ( cps) .

Gabe Sohol

You guys are dickheads

idkhonestly idk

I know that was a long time ago but whatever

beth r

I USED TO TEXT W HIM LMAO he would ask for "pics" but my dumbass thought he meant selfies lmaoo

josh smith

Like usual cenk is dead wrong. Again.

Timmy Turtles

Old farts need to get their head out of their ass and have some knowledge about the people they talk about on their own miserable youtube show


The guy sounds jealous


I know this is old news, but I just now kind of stumbled upon this because we watched a PBS documentary that featured this kid in Philosophy class.

I was shocked when I saw how this kid went from innocent skate videos to "prank" videos. His fame blew up as he grabbed the butts of random women on the street. He was being endorsed by advertisers to sexually harass people! Now look where this has gotten him. It's terrible that he could face juvie and probably have his life ruined forever and that he was taken advantage of by corporate greed, but innocent women were getting hurt and would only continue to escalate like this situation. Hopefully jail time teaches him to respect people because obviously his parents cared more about money than actually giving him values.


I just think the girl is lying because I've been watching his videos and it looks like he's obviously into to woman that are thick and older, and I don't think he wants to see a flat chested no ass 12 year old that's just sad

Karissa Fernandez


Arc Teryx

Kid makes skateboarding look so bad