Stormclaw Dauntless Trial - Solo 0:55 Strikers

Stormclaw Dauntless Trial - Solo 0:55 Strikers

8 251 views | 14 May. 2020

This fictitious electrical canine is very annoying.

Build used:

I believe that this is a good trial. But with a bad behemoth.

Tips for the trial:

1. With the usage of Pangar lantern, the Styxians are more or less irrelevant. No need to worry about them if you have Pangar lantern equipped and active. If you happen to get caught by a Styxian and you have your Pangar lantern charged, you can use the hold ability to immediately free yourself or a teammate.

2. The hotspot and combustion modifiers are killer! Unless you plan on going for flawless runs, you should run Skarn weapons with Iceborne for high defensive capabilities. The perk economy for skarn weapons is decent, and the shock Stormclaw is weak to terra weapons. Here is a decent example build:

3. Stormclaw moves a lot, but he has multiple interruptible attacks, as well as a shock orb that can be deflected to stun the Zappydoggo. Be sure to take advantage of these openings or he will never hold still!

4. The hotspot and fortifications modifiers make it very difficult to escape Stormclaw's pylon prison once you are placed inside. If possible, stand near a wall when he is using it so that he places all the fenceposts near each other without trapping you.

Good luck!

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john amihere

Me: relaxing
Also me :me sees stormclaw trails.
Me again: nonono plz God NO


Hey! I was wondering, how important is the elemental matching for trials? I noticed you use Koshais weapons here, but in my head riftstalkers weapons should be stronger. Am i wrong here and youre just running koshais since the effect is better, or is it because the elemental matching? You played amazing here by the way, kudos for your videos!

My Meme • 52 years ago

I fucking hate the client delay, like I have to dodge before stormclaw even thinks about attacking. Which is impossible.... I’ve been trying to get only 100 glided marks for 3 hours now.

Savage Chincilla

I don’t like Stormclaw


Oh God. Really? SC trials!

Orga Slayer

Really how have you doing????

ZaZickyyy !

Derpiboy! Pls answer which Gauntlet Build is good for trials and of u know also for patrol


If you don’t move at the very beginning after launching in, he’ll yeet an electroball for an ez boop


I like how the chorus of empire of snow plays while stormclaw is deepfreezed cornered with the only option to die

VTEC erific



Nice did the same thing but a fucking wolf thing jumped on me while he was charging the lighting ball


I want to delete stormclaw from dauntless

Fluffy Potats

satisfying to see



Nevin Playz

Yay 2nd comment good video

Yuri Aizava

Title:stormclaw trials

Angel Guerrero

Any advice to return the ligthball with strikers? I am not getting the time to do it (with mantra2 combo).


Goated, as always❤️

ZaZickyyy !

Nice Video


Ello derp ;) GG brooooooo

Pavol Dunka

Your insane but but you think stormcalw is easy ?


It could be worse...

Riftstalker trials
Drask trials
Valomyr trials




This is really good! A sub 1 flawless on dauntless trials amazing job keep doing what your doing

Raiya Papaya

I just got 1:24 solo on normal and I'm super proud of myself. Stormclaw is such a bully

Shadow Warrior 32

Can u carry me bro

Popcycle aka Lacy



what?! you barely touched him!

Prithvi Sajiv

tHiCc DaMaGe


idek how you do this every time.


That damage is indescribable

JxiL x

Was hoping to make top 100 this trials then I see storm claw

Evren Yalcin

also arm break??? u werent hitting it the entire time how

Amedeo Parentela

Me: after malkarion, I want skarn trials
Stormclaw trials

ZaZickyyy !

Guys do u know which is the best Gauntlet Build? (With iceborn). Pls answer

Drippy___jAyZzz ;-;

Now this lowkey my chance getting my golden crown lol

TopSmaSher CR

Ey man u are the best u have to be my master♥️ im looking the gold maby this week ✌️^^ u the best

Jose Irastorza

Dude it’s so f*** annoying trying it with chain blades and getting stuck in the air every single try with the super

Cason Moore

What’s your place on the trials boards with this time?


Can you help me in lady fortune trials pls?

Juan Barba


jonas koetter

Do anyone knows a good Gauntlet Build with iceborn in trials or patrol? Pls Tell ne if u know

Iván Flores



Sry derp I'm late


Keep up the good work, ignore hate comments, do what you choose to do, your are my FAVORITE YouTuber and will always be. ❤

Mr Jill Valentine

Derp, Very well played. However, I only have one question. Where in the hell is the Goku cosplay?? Huh!! Huh!! Huh!!!! lol. Be well everyone

Jannis H

Good one

fabian lazo

Please upload more mythbusters

Evren Yalcin

YUUUUUUUUUR nice run dad

Mees Wijers

Back at it again huh? :)

Nuka Cherries

Hey derp sorry to bother you, but I've been having issues even completing a dauntless trial. I have all my armor and weapon maxed with good cells and high damage, but I haven't been able to complete it even once. I understand the best way is to know exactly when to dodge and stuff but I've been trying for so long now and I'm not sure what to do. Do you have any advice?

World -_-

Are those better striker better than hellion and Riftstalker I’ve been seeing them everywhere recently

Chippy YT

I think i dont need to pay my electricity bills bc of shock jaw and malk and also storm claw can power it up

Young_Ninja COD

Hello derp you think u ever gunna do a voice reveal or sum

Ricardo Reyes

Honestly, I had an easy sub 3 and I'm satisfied. I would try top 5 but it's too sweaty up there

Vicky Achmad

My moves same with u at first. But with skarn smasher and no predator, less damage and i got 2:10 :((

Cappped HD



Bro what?!?!? I tried to do it like 10 time and i died every time

Guadalupe Perez Ruiz

wow very fast


Wait, is this the bad trial he was talking about? If not, imma get my iceborne with my riftstalkerstrikers hide in a corner and have nightmares about a valomyrtrial (eventhow the next trials are probably gonna be boreus and hellion)

Orga Slayer


Night HunterVex

I hate that thing

ZaZickyyy !

Derp ma man. I dont need sleep i need answers