Dj Drizzle Ft Young Butta & Lil Spigg - Money Dance

Dj Drizzle Ft Young Butta & Lil Spigg - Money Dance

617 743 views | 21 Apr. 2015

Dj Drizzle Drops A Banger Featuring Cincinnati's Own Young Butta Ft Lil Spigg. Shot By BangOut Films.... Be On The Look Out For "Got Drizzle Or Nah" The Mixtape And Album

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Amanda Spearman


Kayk Mitchell

really good

DJ Ekelh


Anthony Sampson

my shit

Loren Taylor

"No talkin', get naked..." Lol.


All eyez on me is this how Tupac felt
I got two glocks smacking like 2 belts
U can have da bullets I’ll keep da Shells

zach farkas


Fadila Sigmon

Chyna White

GuGu BuBu

Some real bloodz

Dustin Poor


Official T.O.G.Skinny

24 block boyz!! YouTube, narcotics

Steve Nickels

natiiiiiii boaa

Andrew Smith

69 brought me here


New young butta song my page

Tracey Derden

Trey Bizz

rick ross didnt steal this song ya be chattin sounds nothing like his "money dance" so everyone stfu now lol


This shit is actually hot trash nigga

Abasi Akan

This song STILL goes

Chyna White


Dwight Beard

Cincinnati Ohio stand the fuck up... 513.... #Ghettochildrenunitedllc


AV - money dance.... Some idiot claimed it to be a rip off of this song, see no resemblance besides the title.

Bin-II Smoot

I took a picture wit him a few years back in evasten


Butta Holding Ohio Down! I fuck with this dude all day #dchh

caprisun cancermoon

Ok den

2 4

I just hit a lick for uh hunnid bandddddz!


This is banging son


My friend is a Friend of him

zKlipzEnt BWA ENT

SoSa Brought me here

Tank Green

yong butta is throwedd spigg too

Anthony Carrillo

2019 anyone???

Alex Cruze

Harrison ave 513

Loyal Homie Always

2020 Nov

savage butta

Still listening in 2019

Shawn Vega The ILLustrator

Audio Dope ! I can hear him and yo gotti catching wreck on a track together that boi young butter got bars !



side note: "Fish Fry" would be too if it had a visual anywhere


Hey it got over a million nice!

Joseph Allen

2020 still pressing play

Abigale Parvattan Roberts

i hate nnnbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnrnsnensqn


lol 101.1 the wiz brought me her

Junior Serrano


Palm Treez


Yaboy Charlie

D Wolf

513 Stand up. take this game over.

Aaron Salinas

This is trash, sounds nothing like Rozay's song

Gary Chadwick

2 of my favorite artist #513Home

EveryDream Coming Entertainment

This was a super hit


I heard lil spigg got

Ricky R

all day!

Jeannie Turlich

money $$$

Charles Mcdowell

budda the lives in the city but I fuck with Lil spig to dope


my gramma sings this

Makiya Lee

Early Morning Turn Up!

Reese Thomas

This song goo

trystain oxenrider

Thank you Sirius xm Hip Hop Nation for letting the listener

merri ijackson

513 859 BUTTA BUTTA tell em how we do it down the way GET money

Edgar Estrada

This is catchy, but sounds nothing like Rick Ross's. Either way, Rick Ross is way more talented and his song is better.

Tyron Beamon

My Nigga fr fr



Kim brown

I'm from Dayton but we fuck wit butta and my nigga Bo Bo

ava rutz

Still here in 2020 this shit never get old

Kevin McRae

Still listening in 2020


I remember dis man

Roxanne Stone


Big grizz guy 901

How this not got million views

Titan The Good


Samear Jones

Maaaaan Ross aint steal SHIT


oh, awesome! glorify the robbing of another! then the black culture wants to be taken serious?

Bin-II Smoot

I met him in real life

He let me take a picture

Dwight Beard

NBA JAM!!!!!!

Victor Thomas

513 Nasty Nati!! Cin City stand up!!

zach thompson

rick Ross shit sound nothing like this Lol. gtfoh

Bria Perkins

The nasty Nati boutta come up

DuSa TripLife

Aye y'all ima Cincinnati artist look at my music I'm starting to make some shit pop look it up n listen and subscribe

Nez Reese

2020 anybody

Quinyone Mclaurin

Long as you got a fire azz

Adventures with Arielle M

This is my cousin’s song


fetynol to make that gram strech I swear

SwankestFrame Blackface IV

Begging guy sounds like T.I

Dayle Harper

Bolo Bolo !!


513 we in there linn all damm dayy shit lms if you kno richies if not you ain't from here


2020 still bang

Gator Guyler

5 years later and still heat #Cincinnati


When life was good

Ramses Ja

This is the best song I've ever heard!

Asadullah Bey

Gatorboyz all day

trystain oxenrider

Thank you hip hop nation for letting your listeners hear this song. # HipHop Nation

Dustin Poor

dope asf!

cedric cousar

the beat tho


Dope asf


This shit is nice tho

The Real Candace Jackson

ayyyeeeee ayyyyeeeee

MF Grant

This shit go hard af

Ravenlovewalker Walker

Lol all them are my cousins they be lit

sleepy addiction

yo this shit fiya!!! just heard it the other I'm doing my money dance ,money dance

Nicole Hannah

turn up !

Tinia Derden

Still bang in 2020

Nic _

What happened to this jam. This shit was hot back in the day - good flow, good delivery, solid beat. Where they at

thatt kidd

money dane

Aries The Don

Kinkinnati in dis blood clot