Pam's HarvestCraft 1.15.2 EP17: BEES

Pam's HarvestCraft 1.15.2 EP17: BEES

200 views | 14 Jul. 2020

Hey guys! I've been really busy wrapping up work for the end of the year, so recording has become a bit difficult (this does mean I will soon be available to record more, so whooo!) so that's why this episode is a day late.

I decided it was time to do something with bees, as that is the point of 1.15!

BTW guys do you like my thumbnail? Ashley over at made me some awesome renders!

FYI Pam's Harvestcraft Food Core is now ready for 1.16! The rest needs a bit more coding, but if you want to play with more food and also die in the Nether, here you go:


Pam’s Harvestcraft Patreon -

Harvestcraft Food Core -

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Food Extended - Coming Soon!

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I like dem musics:

Stomping Grounds by Silent Partner -

Pamgaea by Kevin MacLoad -

Clear Air by Kevin MacLoad -

Hooky with Sloane - Bird Creek -

Si Señorita by Chris Haugen -

Morning Mandolin by Chris Haugen -

Porch Swing Days (slower) by Kevin MacLoad -

Dream Lagoon by Chris Haugen -

Recorded using Screenflow and a Sudotack mic.

Stephanie Jacobs

What about a chicken coop or stables


I loooove your perosnalityyyy if you ever need a GAYmer friend, I am hereeee haha

Maya ?

Love the new build!! So sad that I missed the livestream... :c but I’m glad that I can watch it! I hope you can do more livestreams in the future!!! C:

Random Acts of Hughes

I love your builds they look so great❤️

logi bear

Yet again you amaze me with your builds, they look so good! Here’s an idea, since the town is going to be fairly cramped why not have a town plaza and/or a park somewhere, I think it could really liven the place up a bit. :)

raven 1010

i loved the intro timelapse, i have not seen the baby bee till now so cute hehe, lovely episode hehe.