Multi-Tool Axe? Outland Equipment MMA-1501

Multi-Tool Axe? Outland Equipment MMA-1501

91 906 views | 22 Nov. 2015

This Multi Mission Axe (MMA) is design to be capable in several different environment to accomplish several different tasks. This has the capabilities of an axe, hammer, screw driver, wrench, pry bar, and small shovel. That is a lot of options in one tool. Let us see what it can do if see if it will be worth it.

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Jim Rafferty

That $425 takes a lot of good gear out your supply equipment, way to much when there are better multi axes around.

Michael Fleming

0% chance of me ever spending $425 on something like that.

Gordon Sargent

let china have the design, they could make it for so much cheaper and perform just as well


Rmj shrike/eagle talon or this?


ridiculous price

Max Heimerl

the "budget-version" would be the gerber downrange tomahawk, wouldn't it?


Gerber downrange Tomahawk can do the same and can be found at 200 and less.

No one Knows

As soon as i saw this axe i new it was awsome. So beatiful. Ive got to have one.


Holy $hit - $425!!!!


Multi Mission Axe (MMA) = $425.00–$ 445.0!!!0 NO THANKS!!!
The Trucker's Friend is only $80
and the NEW LIL TRUCKER can do MORE things for $95


Awesome review! Great tool! totally wanted one.......until I heard the price

Mike Georgia

Great review man.

TurtleWolf Pack

Neat tool, but not $500 neat. Not to say that it might not be worth it to many people but for me my entire load out (all of them) is probably less than $500 total (sans firearms).

Daniel Till I Die

I paused this vid at 0:41! that is not the right way to use a tool! I'm still watching the vid!

B Buse

450 bucks....wait...let's taste that once moore....Fourhundred....and 50...bucks.......4hundredand50bucks....

Craig Galvin

any thoughts on the Gerber downrange tomahawk?


At first I was like dude this is awesome I want this thinking it was like 100$ or so but I kept watching till I saw 425$ I was like ya right


Looks like a great new product IMO also Aaron! great review as always.

Marc !

That is so cheap.... Give me five to go please! Just kidding... It is not cheap off course, but that was some first-class review dude. Great job

Jerry Morris

While it is a good looking $425-445 it is just way too expensive! I will not be a player at a price anywhere near that. I see no reason it has to be anywhere near that price. It looks like it is water jet or laser cut and not all that complicated. Thanks...but no thanks.

Cheston Dalangyawma

any new updated reviews or performance in the gauntlet

Southerngunner 87

how about a follow up or a review of the 19 inch. still the price to high. needs to come down 100-150$.

Josef Griveas


I'm looking everywhere for a reliable fixed blade that cost max $70, do you have any suggestions?


Neil oppa

It's too bad no other reviewers put it through the gauntlet. I would have liked to see a comparison between this and the trucker's friend multi axe tool.


May I ask how exactly you prefer sharpening axes of this style?


I recently bought two MMA 1901's to add to our bug out bags, Though considerably longer than the MMA 1501, it is hands down absolutely, THE best purchase and addition to our list of survival equipment. When your life or those of your loved ones may have to depend on it then money should be no object. After evaluating many different alternatives and styles our decision to go with the Outland Equipment MMA 1901 was easy . Its design is very futuristic, ergonomic as well as functional and it feels good in my hands.

Hercules Rockefeller

Man you can get a good Estwing axe and a crowbar for a fourth of that price. Screw that.

Donald W

FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE US DOLLARS...? Hello...? I just wanted one, not a 10-pack.


Yeah, little bit expensive, but at least you won't have to upgrade it every year as iPhone )))))


What's your "i don't want to sell it" price?

rr satx

lol....price, nah.

Suburban Knife-Maker

Surely by definition of being an axe it's a convex grind, not a sabre grind.

mad thumbs

Not even worth $10. Bolted on hammer head - a joke? Wrench / Pry - huge sacrifice made to both functions. Not very usable other features? -no thanks. Learn from Cliff Stamp why the steel is over rated.

Joshua Genovese

For me, spending this kind of money means I'm going to be using this tool "all the time" , it wont be in a bug out bag , nor will it be stuffed away in a closet, or hung on display.
Yes their are plenty of axes , Hammers and shovels as well as pry bars and wrenches out there , . You can go out and buy a bigger axe that will down a tree faster and better, and better shovel that can dig way better , a Hammer that can do a better job. Though having a multi use tool, this size and in S7 tool steel, I'd say the price point matches plenty of these types of tools out there on the market especially in this type of steel.
Question though that I do have is, in the video it was said that others would be getting this multi axe to also do a review on it, is there any links to these reviews cause I definitely enjoyed your review and that's the hook I needed to want this in my gear, though having more opinions will either add to my desire to want one or break it?let me know k

Ryan Butler

Yeah, better get the Gerber downrange tomahawk it's maybe $200 and way better


Still thinking about whether it's enough damage in case that one you hit still "remembers"... :-D

Mark Becker




Dunny D

so overpriced...


Ya, just got one! Well made and seems wholly indestructible. For what it's worth, I feel better knowing it's in my truck now.(Just in Case)

Drew Dman

I know it’s been a year since the last comment however there is now a version available the1502 it replaces the wrench at the base with a cutter, as a first responder I like that feature. So far I find this company to stand by their product and deliver high end tools. If you ever get your hands on one I’d love to check out your review. Thanks keep up the great vids let.

Jacob Logsdon

Why!!! Such a great looking product cost so damn much!!! Complete bull!!!

Christopher Biegel

Interesting tool, and great review, but I'm glad you didn't mention the price up front or I never would have watched the whole video. WAY too expensive for my wallet.

soulless one

Lol all of these so-called tactical weapons are for an urban environment I don't see any of these lasting a year with no civilization

nerv 102

Hey Aaron, whatever happened to the other people supposed to be reviewing this? I've been waiting years lol.

Cory Zepp

this is exactly what I have been looking for but its out of my price range. s7 sounds nice but make it out of 1095 and knock $300 off the price.


Did anyone else review it? I see no links.


jeez people are preying on preppers and the tacticool market.

Survive Anything

I'm the proud owner of a RMJ Kestrel. Battle tested and proven.


I think I would rather have the cheaper and better known RMJ hawks

Zio Azalin

The price is a real deal breaker imho.
Nice review though.


Which is better between outland MMA and 5.11 operator axe?

Joshua Genovese

After watching review on this, I'm interested, and hope to purchase one soon enough. Looks to me like you get what you pay for.

William Phillips

Cool idea but a bit out of the working man's budget.


It's legal to enter your state's forests and arbitrarily chop down a tree? Just asking...

As to this axe... it is made in the U.S.A. so I consider it a "buy once, cry once" type of purchase. I already have two axes so I'm not buying this one. Just know... most axes are not made in the United States.


jeez people are preying on preppers and the tacticool market.

Savage Citizen

NICE! That may be spendy but it looks awesome!! This is going to be a lot of fun. Thanks for putting this one in Aaron!

Locke's Node

If it had a bowsaw feature I might get one, but that price is absurd.

KQZ_ 23

Isn’t this axe the one on black ops 3


Love the Tomahawk the only turning point for me is the 445$ prize tag, I have an EX-T01 Tomahawk - by Hogue and it's prize alone gives it a hand up. Great review if I ever have 445$ to spare i would definitely buy one. would you do a review on the EX-T01 Tomahawk - Hogue???? i'd love to see it.


Constantly sold out. Frustrating because I'd like to buy.

David Miller

I'm sorry, but quality steel, and the guards aside, the axe is not even remotely affordable. He compared it to other high end companies, but don't discount the companies such as: Schrade, Fiskars, Kershaw, etc etc for a good quality product. Having said that, I understand that it has multiple tool uses, but how is such a, said, need to have item priced so high? Quality steel seems to be the biggest excuse, but I think people forget that it's also how you take care of your product. I have several axes of "cheaper quality" that could work circles around this axe, and they weren't even in the triple digit price range. I also understand no one is saying or forcing me to buy this particular product but it peaked my interest because of the setup and the applications I could use it for. I'm a carpenter by trade and a military vet, I work outdoors, do alot of survival practises and generally spend most of my time prepping or furthering my knowledge of said subjects. I would love to add this tool to my collection and I could most definitely use it, but for 400+$ I can buy so many tools just like it for a fraction of the cost. Before anyone says oh well you have to buy so many different tools and carry them all this one does it all, well so do my many other axes, and camping tools, but that doesn't justify spending almost 500$ for it. To sum it all up, awesome product, great usage, perfect for in applicant situations, way way way over priced. Not budget minded, not that it was advertised as such.

Michael Schroeder

costs way to damn much. A gransfors bruks cost less I really don't give a shit that it has a few extra tools on it that does not justify the ridiculous price tag.

Mac Mccartney

way too much money..... rip off


it's cool but is too expensive


250$ maybe 400$= nope, that is buy a handgun/sword instead range.

BHR Behavioral Health Racing

Gerber 100% to pay over $400.00 you fall in the line of SUCKER.... Put that up against Gerber and it will get beat in every way.... I worked in the ... We trust Gerber live time warranty or bench-made......If you want to drop the money buy a benchmade but as a tool the Gerber still takes the benchmade. The crowbar has no angel to get leverage how much they pay you to sell us some BS...

Danzig Rulze

Doesn't Stanely and Dewault make pry bars with axe and hammer heads on them?  So why pay 400 dollars for an overpriced tool that you can get at any hardware store?


Where are the links of the other reviewers???

John C.

very nice axe looking forward to buying one..


Not on topic :
Poster, I also use a work sharp knife and tool machine.
I know, I know..."experts" on forums ( that never used one) say it is a gimic and cant work as good as this or that arm sharpener.I say BS.
I can re-profile and 100% finish the edge in less then 2 mins.What takes HOURS on stones or arm contraptions.
My White River Backpacker finally went dull on me. 5 passes each side on 220 orange,15 seconds and 10 passes each side with the blue 6000,30 seconds. Now it is hair popping, mirror finished edge.Push cut news paper sharp, at 20 DEG/side.
Most go much more acute then this.
Stropping just does not help at all after a few passes on the 6000.

BTW ,LOVE this white river Backpacker. Still EDC it. Replaced my Spyderco dellica 4 ZDP 189. I carry it daily VIA neck carry.
Big fan of WRK now

*about to do all my and friends kitchen knives.Bladehq has a sale on belts for the WSK&T. like 6 bucks for 6.
Grabbed quite a few packs.

Do you use the WS on all new knives and edged tools?I will from now on.

Semper Fi

Al Holsbo

The snaps look like they are rubber not rubberized.......what are they under the rubber? Leather?

Joseph Rivers

Nope, it's still too expensive.

Mac Mccartney

way too much money..... rip off

Todd Klekotka

Thats an awesome tool, and a very good, informative review. I dont see it so much as for peppers and such. I do however see this being a great tool for military, firefighter/volunteer firefighters, wreckers/ repo men, and police. The cost wouldn't matter for them. For peppers, most would probably just spend the money for the tools separately and have everything they need since its most likely be used in areas with extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. Be good for storm chasers too


I don't see any links to other reviewers in the description... Hmmm
About the axe, i cant see the reason why they put a saber grind on it :S A convex edge would be superior in every way possible.. It would split wood better it would chop wood/stuff way better and the edge would be A LOT stronger and have more "meat" behind backing up the edge, edge retention would be better etc etc.. There is absolutely no reason to put a fucking saber grind on an axe..

Gino Foogle

44,50 bucks seems like a good price for that tool.. puts on glasses ohh fuck maay

Todd Klekotka

On another note, in areas, that receive heavy snow fall, mud slides, hurricanes, tornadoes, and such, thats where I see this tool excell. It be great to keep in the vehicle just because you could be the first person to see someone stuck in their car for whatever reason, depending on the circumstances, you could be their only help, this tool can be very helpful! Probably most fitting for emergency services and such imo. Aaron, are you participating in the Gauntlet review of the Tops SXB?

David Miller

plz let me know if I can pick one up for a review and I would most definitely give it all its worth.


when he said 425$ i laughed my ass off....who pays 400 bucks for an axe?

flipper skipper

400 dollars because it is s7 idgaf steel. not worth

Brandon Feole

They should make a cheaper version with some sort of cheaper steel

David Miller

added note that I didn't specifically say, flawless design.


Great review but price is a joke. Drop it closer to 275-325 and they may sell a few??


That price

nerv 102

as soon as I get my taxes back this year, I'll be getting this for sure! love the design. it's no dedicated woods axe but it has a ton more functionality. and I love s7 for heavy use tools..especially anything that's gonna have lots of lateral pressure applied..aka pry bar. also a coldsteel talwar and a pair of the raptor Leatherman shears. thanks for the review very thorough and thought out.


As a person that does not let price usually influence my buying preference.....the price is stupid for that tool. It seems to be a really good tool. The quality looks suburb. If the apocalypse was happening right now I would get it. But its not. I would get a good handgun and enough ammo to cut through a tree for that price.

Joshua Genovese

Has any other channel done the gauntlet review on this multi mission axe? I still haven't seen any links. Just curious

Catlin Young

The hammer also serves as a non-lethal or lethal self-defense blunt-force instrument depending on your situation and of course, your strike placement...

Can of spam

It's really tiny


Does anyone know where I can buy one of these bad boys, either new or used? Outland Equipment is out of stock

Robert Ricks

Oh buddy this is gonna be epic.....

Jordan John

Hey Aaron great review yet again! Quick question, where was the natural balance point for the axe? At the manufactured 'groove' down the handle?


The Price kicked me off.

Nikolaj C

they really want to be sure it is paid for, jesus christ.

Randy Clendenin

Hello, when you pick up a tool, you MUST be able to understand that "you CAN'T MAKE EVERY TOOL do/work it YOUR WAY"!! The design DICTATES HOW IT'S INTENDED TO BE USED-period!! "Improper use WILL RESULT in negative results-ALWAYS"! YOU, regardless of your "amount of experience" need to know you shouldn't place the blame of bad results always on the object being reviewed!!! That should be the basis of your review building! Thanks! Sincerely Randy.

Ataman Atlas

Good video great product, but for that price I would expect it to make me a cup of coffee and whistle dixie as well.

Dark Scorpion

Awesome review! Im definitely gonna get one.


how do you feel this compares to the gerber downrange tomahawk? I'm torn between the two.
are any of the modular pieces out yet?