Custom Godzilla Male And Female MUTO (SH MonsterArts Style/Revoltech Style) Figures - Sorta How To

Custom Godzilla Male And Female MUTO (SH MonsterArts Style/Revoltech Style) Figures - Sorta How To

10 181 views | 15 Nov. 2020

In this video, Steve goes over the work on the Custom MUTO figure he did for a commission. Enjoy!

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Justin jp


Godzilla fan359

Cool man

Farhan Priandityo

Where did you order that figure

G fan912

Now this is exactly how they should have done this in the 1st place! I understand they were going 4 a model kit kinda figures. But still, they still should've gone 4 articulated action figures. The Mutos need more justice, u know. I hope MonsterArts makes the the Mutos (Especially Barb) sometime next year. Good job!

Brandy Curlee

R.i.p neca and sh will never make mutos

Gabriel Gonzalez

Why have these things NEVER gotten good figures.

Plebdominus Rex

SHMA needs to make these


But ken you make a muto prime

Jesse Guajardo

Steven should I be concerned that it's been 6 years since Godzilla 2014 movie, and we still haven't gotten a proper M.U.T.O figures. Seriously what the fuck?

Brent Robles

You got a link to where a guy like me can pick up a couple of these dudes


the mutos look great my dude


Mine ship out on Monday and when I get them I’ll definitely send them to you for the custom

Hi Guy II


Shaan Vinoth

Hi geek chest, what was the drawback in your godzilla 2019. Did you correct it? Please can you make a video about it

Gojirafan 54


Gabriel Gonzalez

23:27 The Female Muto has grey on her hood, the lower jaw, the 4 main arms, and on the hips. You also forgot to give her the orange egg sac.

the Male has grey on his lower jaw, his hood, his chest, his front arms, the lining on his wings, and on the back of his legs + the kneecaps

Emmanuel Araiza

As the guy that asked Steve to paint these and the Skullcrawler, I’ve got to say that I’m really happy with the way they came out. Steve did an amazing job with painting these and documenting the whole process. I’d highly recommend getting a hold of Steve if you have a commission you want to get done.


Wow you release this video just as I finish watching Godzilla 2014

lygrace torres

Those custom muto's are AMAZING only problem is that you can see the joints but that's a little problem

Josue Domínguez

This Guy Should Work For Sh Monsterarts AMAZING !!!!

godzilla 2021

Where can you get this

The animated collection

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

Jordan Garcia-Caal

How did you get it?


The next one is muto prime and queen muto to



The memes Yeet

What number was yours


How much money do you think he spends on these figures

Mr Rooster

Where did you buy this?


that is way too much for what your get, and this guy had to pay you to make it ok

Gabriel Gonzalez

19:38 The inside of the MUTO's front arms need to be orange, or a semi orange.

yaboi zukini

yes finally

fun fact: mutos are actually black and white the movie was just so dark you could not see it

Gabriel Gonzalez

I wish we had MUTOS in scale with the NECA 24 inch Godzilla.

Alan BloxGamming

alright, im up for this.

Mothra Kaiju

will you do a size comparison?

M2v - Animatez

Now that's what I call creativity


Very interesting choice they went with the articulation, but yeah nothing worse than stress cracks and scuffed paint. You really improved fixed the design flaws I couldn't see anyone else fix it as well as you :)

Jacob Xd galaxy 2020 gaming

This looks like a s.h. monster arts but you mad it and its cool

Chance Givens

I feel for ya man its always hard for me to get my balls to be the right size


glad to see you got these in hand for a custom; thinking about commissioning you for a film accurate paint app, possibly! do you have a price sheet that i could see?

Sleeping Zebra54

I have been wanting you to do some sort of video on those figures

king ghidorah 2003 the god of the ghidorahs

Where did you get them

terry buckna

Steve you should make a custom burning Godzilla out of the neca Godzilla 1989