Braidloc Journey: Q&A: What To Consider b4 Getting Your Locs

Braidloc Journey: Q&A: What To Consider b4 Getting Your Locs

141 views | 6 Dec. 2019

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The Creative Lady

Great conversation Trecey! You've really helped - especially the moisturizing shampoo tip. I love Damien Walters channel. He's informative and hilarious. I'll check out Lydia's channel. Thanks.


Aww Trecey!

RitaMays Way

Great info!

The Creative Lady

Yes, I am going to get someone to get me started cuz I DO want good parts. You REALLY helped answer ALL of my questions. Thanks Trecey!

naturally curly me

Awe just started my loc journey with braidlocs. Almost a month in. Girl you looking good been following you for years.

Mrz. O

Good info... I started my locs with braids... I'm 10 months in... I totally agree with everything you said... I too sweat in my head... And i use as less products as possible... I had to start using tgel... And i also learned that water and oil don't mix... I alternate one day oil... And the next water... Damian Walters taught me a lot... I make up my own oil... Because my skin and scalp is sensitive... But i definitely use peppermint oil.....grapeseed oil and mustard oil... All stimulates the scalp and promotes growth... I haven't attempted interlocking yet... But thanks so MUCH for sharing