FFXIV Easily Make Millions of Gil Farming Mastercraft Demimateria! FFXIV Heavensward 3.4

FFXIV Easily Make Millions of Gil Farming Mastercraft Demimateria! FFXIV Heavensward 3.4

10 417 views | 10 Oct. 2016

Here is one way I am working on making all those millions of Gil back. Using this method in conjunction with other methods I employ, I have been able to make enough Gil to nearly fully gear up all my crafting sets in less than a month!

Easily Make Millions of Gil Farming Mastercraft Demimateria! FF14 how to make gil!

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Wait they were selling for 43,000 but you sold them for 23,000 xD

Zane Lionhart

great job. i have a youtube channel myself for ffxiv should check it out steep :)

Senpai Solo

if you do hunts and have lots of allied seals just laying around, buy some weathered gear with them and desynth them for Battlecraft demimateria 3 then sell them. Gsm is the easiest and fastest desynth to lvl and have the lowest seals per accessory ratio.

Stefan Schernus

is this work 3.5?

Rafal Delano

I totally had to rewind and make sure my eyes werent deceiving me when I saw you list them for 24k a piece instead of the 43k. Its funny not many caught that ha ha ha


would you mind putting the macro in the description?


got me all excited when i look at your macro and then i was so disappointed... you say in this video you can do this once your carpenter is high enough.... then again Innovation - Acquired: Goldsmith (Lv. 50) and Careful Synthesis II Acquired: Weaver (Lv. 50). You have to have 3 jobs up to lvl 50 before you can apply that macro. ( p.s. i got nothing with you i like you do videos to help others but man for the new players, like me, we should know this stuff )

Ophea Valefor

Hey Steep nice Vid I have a macro google doc if you want to add your macro let me know ill give you access.