Intimidator 305 Roller Coaster HD REAL Front Seat POV Kings Dominion

Intimidator 305 Roller Coaster HD REAL Front Seat POV Kings Dominion

6 246 095 views | 1 Apr. 2010


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Thunder Thrills

This coaster is 10 years old.

Ploke Newo78

This rollercoaster represented Dale Earnhardt perfectly. Turn left to race turn right to wreck your opposition.


I dont think it eats millenium force lol it has one big drop, its a different coaster type, you wouldnt say it eats the raptor. this is comparable to maverick imo


This ride was so weak

Liam Bean

As someone who isn’t scared of roller coasters, and has been on all of the Busch gardens ones, should I be fine? Also how is the greyout? Is your vision just a little spotty?


I need to ride this, this looks great. I was scared shitless on the Berserket, I never rode the Intimidator

Dan Gaitanis

Favorite coaster ever!

Arrow Looper

People with high intellect play at 2x speed


Tomorrow is this videos 10th birthday wow that’s crazy

Mike Inglese

I dont know why, but people who comment the sections during the ride always make me cringe

Finn Phillips

HOLY SHIT, 10 FREAKING YEARS It feels like 5 years since I first watched it


Do it for Dale

Bobby O'Donnell

one of the best roller coasters in the world handsdown


that guys a fuckin cooc

Vivianne Dadih


Coaster Velocity

R.I.P Momentum
First Drop-Airtime Hill Trim Brakes

Joe Lynch

I was on this when I was in Williamsburg for 7th grade! LOVED it!

Yoshikage Kira

This has the lift Hill from sky Rush!

Claire Rowland

That looks epic, and I don’t do well on roller coasters, I’m trying to change and force myself to go on the exciting rides

Travis Dowdy

I'm not ashamed to say I nearly went completely unconscious on this ride. I never completely went out, but I was as close as you can get without being labeled unconscious.

Shayan K

this guy got drunk for a minute or two


Twistyyyyyy twistyyyyyy!! LOLOL!


I never got to go on volcano

Damien Weaver

How scary is this ride? If you can handle Kingda Ka, can you handle this?

Hello There

I grey out almost every time


I thought the lift part of the video was sped up holy Hell... I'm definitely gonna try and ride this when I can


Crazy to think I’ve sat in the same spot as someone with 1.68M subscribers


This is one of my favorite roller coasters ever and can ride it countless times. What’s crazy is that right after the drop you will actually black out for a quick second because of the shift of Gforces. I remember reading the warning signs and being kind of scared but when you hit the drop everything starts to get shiny and stars appear and then a black tunnel comes out of nowhere and you feel lightheaded but it’s one of the best experiences ever.

N&W 1218

I've still haven't rode this and now after watching this video...............i might

Coolguy RBLX

Best roller coaster ever!

Luciano Alonso

As a Nascar fan, this is top on my list of rollercoasters I need to ride. Hopefully when COVID is over, I can do this and the Richmond Speedway

Brendan Rubio-Boitel


castle tastle


leah mcmahon

you can tell how old this is because they’ve changed the seats since then

Nathaniel Johnston

One of the greatest build ups to a coaster that really sets that tone for what a crazy ride this is

NSA DolphBoy

I would die before it even starts

Fiona Garst

sounds like rain

Helena Strickland

When you have to watch this first person rides because corona ruined your summer and you can’t go to kings dominion


that looks amazing before the replacement


Thanks for sharing i can ride it at home during QUARANTINE!


Ela é muito inclinada

Kristi Rice

you zoom up that lift hill

Zachary Owens

Right before I rode this, I was intimidated as hell (ha, get it?). But right after I rode this, I wanted to ride it like 20 more times.

Matt Drenkow

Is that the real speed of the lift up?

Michael Rogers

Covid-19: Exists
Stock market: 0:35

Matt from Wii Sports

Giga Coaster 1 looks too intense for me!


1:12 umm, what the fuck was that sound on the switch

Burnt Chicky Nuggey AKA Bella Wingo

I rode it when I was 8 front row seats and I was like I’m gonna hate this but going down the hill I was like OMG yeasssssss

Nour Abualia

no ty

Finn Phillips

I remember watching this when I was 4. My first ever roller coaster video in the world ever,
It is fantastic

Arrow Looper

Is it as good as skyrush with airtime.

Megan Revet

What the hell was I thinking? This was my first roller coaster, you guys.... I literally saw stars.

Ashy Gameriscool

dude the lift is just like melemuim force from cedar point!!

Filiberto eliazar Gomez hernandez

intimidator 305:im beter than milenium force.milenium force:no your more intense than you

James Kent

Im actually scared to ride this....and I've been on FURY 325

Samuel Stoner

This video brought back memories. As a kid, I loved being terrified on rides. Now, I see them as death traps.

Kevin Martin

Don't waste no time going up

Scribble Gaming

Who gave Robb the crack?


Fastest lift hill I've ever seen

Avatar Loi


Vivianne Dadih


Skinny Rat

I was in line for intimidator and they closed it down right when I was like two people away


Lmao imagine watching this knowing you can't ever ride it. (live 30 minutes away from KD best ride ever)

NASCARFireball 48

I really NEED to get on this coaster!! I have a huge love for NASCAR and a love for rollercoasters just as big!

Itz M4rtin

Make this in asmr please

Neal Crosley

This ride gives no fucks

World in RooView

For the real experience, turn your brightness down here 0:39

Chris Pacman Jones

“Giga coaster 1 looks too intense for me.”


This ride made me black out twice lol

Chicago galaxy

Kinda short



Taylor Dively

My must ride is Phantom's Revenge when I go to Kennywood and Skyrush when I go to Hersheypark

Evil Monkey

When I went on this I didn’t blackout but my vision was narrowed to tunnel vision

Tpr It's Twisty

it's twisty

Kian Sherer

is this scarier then x2


It gave me so much whiplash

Zach Kabara

Good to know that its real


The lift goes faster than I walk.

Wandering Chronicles

Who's here because of tiktok?


I rode this 2 years ago in the front man it was scary and

JackHood Productions

How do you commentate on a insanely intense roller coaster?

Damien Weaver

Do you feel the drop on this ride? I went on Kingda Ka but I'm a little nervous to go on this lol.

Bryan Hoffman


LongHair PrettyLashes

All I remember of this ride
1. 2500000000 blackouts
2. me being the only one screaming
3. Pukeing over and over again

Stephen Rice

Was it intimidating lol

Victoria Gowin


Alison Darling

A ride that starts with a what’s the word climb lol

Vivianne Dadih


[Klaxcore Nightcore]

My dad is 59 and rides this with no problem ,, despite his cancer he still rides it


Rob you are my Hero

Vivianne Dadih

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Dj McNugget


Billy Pittl III

I will ride this one day.

DJ St3rling

Which ride is more intense? This or Fury 325? I have not been on either ride yet.


the speed and audio sounds like a rockstar jumpscare in ucn at 0:40

Vivianne Dadih


Carson Smith

The name is cool. I'd rather ride Fury 325 at carowinds. It's more intimidating than Intimidator. Heh heh see what I did there?

John Foltz

I want to go on something more thrilling than Giga Coaster 1.