DW3 - Galacticmon

DW3 - Galacticmon

9 450 views | 30 Dec. 2008

Snatchmon digivolved to Galacticmon and...

I happened to stop Galacticmon from combining with Earth and become Gaiamon. All thanks to me it didn't happen XD.

Well, enjoy then.


Lol blast mode + mishukikou or soul charge=PWNAGE !Nc video 5/5 and I subscribe....

Doctor Ansem

@DanieL951225 What do you mean?

Doctor Ansem

Yeah, well, it's kinda stupid. They should've given the player's Digimon the Animation too, not just a violet little sphere thing...


what would Gaiamon have looked like?


Belzeemon is awesome!!! It is my all-time favourite digimon!!

Doctor Ansem

@DanieL951225 Ah, I think this video was recorded from the save where I had a level 99 Agumon (took hella long to train it) and I clearly remember that I trained fire defense a lot, and it increases MP at the same moment. I'm not sure if it should still be maximized, but it was way too long ago to remember.