How to use the Camera2D in Godot 3.0

How to use the Camera2D in Godot 3.0

18 135 views | 9 Nov. 2018

Camera's are an essential part of developing a game. In this video you'll learn how to create a camera, and how to adjust it's various settings so that it functions properly for your game. You'll also get some advice on how to make your camera's as pleasing to the player as possible.

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Into: Splashing Around - The Green Orbs

Nihal Shrivastav


bge low

what is difference simple parenting to player and follow by script?

Your Kodi

Hi friend, are the spinning coins just animated sprites or via code?, if so what is the code to make the coins spin?

Keith Winget

Wow, this is one of the most fluid and concise tutorials I've seen for Godot. Well done! I know it's 2 years old, but it's never too late to give praise!

L Gravovski

Have you encountered any instances of Sprite jittering/stuttering when using the smoothing effect?

will John

where can i get the demo code

Bilal Sardar



Very concise and informative. Thanks!


Great video, helped me a ton


Hello, have you abandoned the production of these videos?
It's a shame, it's one of the few channels that subtitles.


Voice kinda reminds me of cubfan

Felix Clotida

thank you very much this helped alot hope you keep making more videos like this one there very informative

Abc 123321

@Game Endeavor

Thanks for the Help +1 Sub

BluePsion Gamer

Great video! This is really concise and easy to follow.

Daniel Carkner

Just searched for Godot animation videos and found this series. Helpful, but also very nice & cute drawing style, good work!

Flavio Konti

Your videos are really helpful buddy! Thanks

Froyo Rex

Please keep posting, I subbed just for this.


I wanna to create a 2d game but i don't know anything need help

Tonyboy channel

Is it ok to make a video like this, and ill post it to my channel?

Jayx Official

Straight to the point! I love it.

Game Endeavor

Howdy! Something I forgot to show in the video. At the end when I show how to automate the limits. To do the code I show, you need to add any tilemaps to a tilemap group. You can do this by going to the inspector panel, click the node tab, then groups. There you can add nodes to groups. Enjoy!


This is really informative. Thanks for creating these videos! I'm looking forward for the smart camera tutorial.

Boriss Vassiljev

very clear, thank you