【MHWI】3 Shara HBG Builds: Sticky, Critical Draw & Pierce Solemn Reflection Sets | Iceborne

【MHWI】3 Shara HBG Builds: Sticky, Critical Draw & Pierce Solemn Reflection Sets | Iceborne

6 856 views | 19 Oct. 2019

Prepare for trouble. And make it triple! Third time's the charm as they say so here are three nifty builds for hunters looking to use the Shara Ishvalda Solemn Reflection Heavy Bowgun.

Critical Draw Set inspired by Nathvie. You can check out Nathvie's version here: https://youtu.be/R2gZ7cC7qkg

Intro music by Falkkone: https://www.youtube.com/falkkone

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Dan Festag

Since I only play off-line solo and I suck at Amy I’ve been using the nargacuga.For a spare shot rather than the charm and it goes off an insane amount of time saving me blast nuts
It’s important to note as an old dude with limited time I don’t have skills yet and I have yet to practice with the clutch claw but I have the set built and ready for me to train with.
I also have one unique advantage over other players right now
Since I don’t get to connect my PS4 to the Internet I haven’t got the updates so I’m able to use the training room to cycle the maps
So that lens a level of efficiency for getting the parts I need right now which is nice because I have no rush to get to rajang without first having all the other needed materials for things like Augmentin
I prefer health regeneration

Auralee Divinus

Try the N3 HBG lifesteal build that's going around recently. The HP you get PER SHOT is very similar to when you chug down a Potion haha.

Marv the Red Devil aka Monster Hunter S Irwin

Have barely touched bowguns since Tri, but these sets make me want to lear to use it in IB. Especially the sticky one.

Ross Kliebenstein

Nice sets been twiddling around with rajang hbg and haven't got this yet, what's the differences besides dmg?


At 8:34, you wrote "KO with the first sticky shot". It wasn't a KO though, it was the knockdown you get on elders when you keep dealing damage to their heads :P. When it's a KO they have stars above their heads like they've been flashed.