WHERE TO CATCH DREEPY/DRAKLOAK/DRAGAPULT! in Pokemon Sword and Shield - Evolution and Location!

WHERE TO CATCH DREEPY/DRAKLOAK/DRAGAPULT! in Pokemon Sword and Shield - Evolution and Location!

60 569 views | 21 Nov. 2019

WHERE TO CATCH DREEPY/DRAKLOAK/DRAGAPULT! in Pokemon Sword and Shield - Evolution and Location!

Here is how you can find all three rare dragon pokemons and how to evolve them in sword and shield.

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Source from Serebii.net

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The Raymond Twins Animal Crossing

instructions unclear: My bike hit a Snorlax's butt and I am in a battle with him

Corrupted Skillz

i was doing this and found a rotom instead lmao

sarwan dhillon

I saw a drakloack that had a special aura but it was higher level so i could not catch it

Savage gogeta

It's hard to get dreepy


Thanks man! Threw a wishing piece in and found Drakloak in my first attempt!


I am breeding my drakcloak for dreepys I will trade then for people for free my username just Ash

Lorna rivera

This guy is supossed ti have like a million subs helpfull video


How do I get that kind of toxtricity



Pramod Karthikeyan

Can you change the time back when your done

Gabriel Miranda

When i try to capture it, always appear that that its protecting itself, and i can't throw a pokeball, correcting it, it won't let its guard down

Nanofong Has no videos

I got it thank you so much! I also subscribed and placed on my team and evolved it.


The rolling fields den doesn’t give u a dreepy dracloak or dragapult I’ve done it like 15 times already and haven’t got a single one. Many I’m just unlucky

Succ Nasty

I found it first try on storm

Who else But Jackson

Hey kantoh I was just wondering what method you thought would be the best for after you beat the game and all Pokémon are level 60 or above thanks!


Thank you


just a reminder for non-americans. times given by example are in the format: month/day/year



Thank you so. Much I also subscribe

Sonia I. Serrano

Thanks for the help and good vid im gonna subscribe


Wait, is it the 11th January or 1st November for storm


I found drakloak 4 times

Your Mom

I had found one but I accidentally killed it


Every drakloak I found is above level 50

Kellen Gardner

Thanks man that was really helpful. Subscribe!


Well, A dragapult just spawned in side a den and I keep dying

AmmarRizqi Syarifuddin

I think bike is gym 2 or 3
Water bike is 6

Diet Coke

Omg ur the best thx for the help I was really trying to get one


I randomly found a ditto in the same spot

Varun Srinath

I literally spent 5 hours in lake outrage area , under thunderstorm weather , no luck. Do I have to finish 8 gyms?

Niamh Baldwin

Has a soccer skin but plays pokemon


Lol during this I found a haxourus


That's genius you called your toxtricity Spyro :o


You don't have to find it. It will find you in surprise trade


Got a Deino


In rolling fields den no.64 I keepe getting Snorlax, Silicobra, and Chewtles but no Dreepy or any other dragon! HELP ME PLEASEE im actually desperate. I have only 2 gym badges if that helps.

Jooosh Eruve

Damn dude thanks a lot found draklak first try

Keven Sibrian

This legit made me get it on my first try LMFAO (the fog method)

Kenneth Pettersen

Took me over an hour to encounter it once.
And when I finally caught it I literally faced it 2 times in 5 minutes (when I didn't need him anymore)

I click A

Thank u so much

Lalano 07

I killed so much Noivern to get this pokemon, I ended up getting two of them though so it's fine.


I got mine in level 60, i go to the man who can change moves. He doesn’t give me the option dragon rush... what now?

Daniel Joseph Baker

What color den? Purple or red??

The Raymond Twins Animal Crossing

If your reading this now. Its
in the morning. Sunday 31 of May. I use a wishing peice and im currently fighting gigantamax Noivern help it destroyed my ears

Maeve Torrence

Thanks so much for the info, I got Drakloak first try :D

Levi Mace

I tried but 8t said you cant thorw a pokeball it won't let its guard down

Matthew Chan

So we are all just gonna ignore the fact he caught it in a pokeball?


Good vid and straight to the point


Thank you you earned a like and a sub

francis verbrugge

Daaaaamn took me about 15mins but ! Got 2 to spawn 2nd form.. killed the first one on accident lmao was able to evolve the 2nd so fast. Got me that draggapult boooooi. Sick vid and thanks so much!

GS Productions

Thanks so much this thing is like the strongest Pokémon on my team

Simão Coelho

my game is broken! just threw about 40 wishing shits into a den and no purple beam for me yet -.-

Kittimus Prime


Eric Macias

Thank you so much. This video helped me a lot. I caught this Pokémon. Thanks again buddy.

Halo Gais

Boi i was lucky i find 3 drakloak in row :o it was 1%