7.18 Support Tier List & Patch Notes -- How to Carry in Solo Queue -- League of Legends

7.18 Support Tier List & Patch Notes -- How to Carry in Solo Queue -- League of Legends

4 277 views | 13 Sep. 2017

Welcome friends! Please use the time-stamps below to help you navigate this very detailed 7.18 Tier List:

Google Doc:


***Patch Notes***

2:00 = Azir, Cass, Elise, Fiora

14:50 = Gnar, Gragas, Ivern

28:00 = J4, Kalista, Lee

45:15 = Lucian, Nautilus, Nidalee

58:15 = Rakan, Rengar, Ryze, Trist, Cinder, Spellthief, Garg, Knight


1:20:00 = beginning of meta analysis

1:26:00 = Top 5 for each role

***Support Tier List***

1:39:00 = Tier 1

1:51:30 = Tier 2

2:01:30 = Tier 3

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Jojo Ha

great video ! but i think u can get more viewers by doing more "shorter" videos :-)


Professor, with the possible nerf to Ardent again coming in 7.19, and tanks possibly getting a little better...what tank do you expect to be the best tank support? (ie i dont own a ton of tank supports, except rakan), what would you recommend my first tank buy be (bronze/silver elo). Thanks!

Buff Thresh

Great and informative video, appreciate all of the content you are producing for your subscribers.

Dennis Zabolotny

Amazing info tnx for all the hard work that you put in the videos 1!!! I really appreciate it !!

Louis Gobeille

You have to look at Taric's winrates.


Buuuuu! Hated that Nami drop down in tier... Thanks prof, keep the good work!

Karel Souček

hi prof nice tier list what do you think about riven?

Gabriel Rodrigo de Oliveira Doroteo Viana

Sion support?

The Strategy Professor

Thanks for watching! You may access the Google Doc and time-stamps in the description to help you navigate. Enjoy!


TSP is right about Sona. When you get Ardent/Athene's/Redemption your team's health bars never drop in a team fight. So good right now.

Guilherme Barros

Prof, you're the best! Thx for every video, help us a lot!


Jarvan is a champ that I have had my eye on. A very unique kit. I may need to invest more time into him.

Maciej Brzywcy

I wonder what will counter Fiora. She has many movement speed steroids and at least 2 slows in her kit. There's no chance to run from her ult without flash. She was already very strong, i think it is overbuff for sure.

Pierson MD

Wow, I listened to all of it.

The Aimax

nice vid! <3

Jacob Johnson

@1:41:00 Is that your GF, Wife? I think she wants to spend time with you... :/

Gaia Andrea Compagni

Thank you so much for your guides prof! I went from -3 LP to 77 in 2.5 days and I'm currently in a minning streak with Sona! :D
Hopefully I can make it out of silver by the end of the season if it goes on like this XD


I wonder if RIOT watch these videos... they might learn a thing or two....