#421 Keshe Plasma Reactors up & running!

#421 Keshe Plasma Reactors up & running!

141 740 views | 20 Oct. 2015

The Star formation plasma reactor assembly is done and running. Come see it live at http://www.alt-nrg.org/zerolive.html

Some snapshots are continually posted to my Twitter account,


***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** 10/30/2015 After numerous troubles keeping the reactors balanced and sealed from fluid leakage I have decided to redesign them slightly. I'm so confident the new design will hold up well that I posted it to Thingiverse at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1102086 I am now also going to electroplate the interiors with about 0.5mm thickness copper then nano coat them with the caustic method, PRECISELY conforming to the original design. While my copper vapor deposition looked cool, it may not have the correct properties. This will be a 100% authentic replication with no deviation. Sourcing the electroplating materials now. Should be a few more days before they arrive and a couple of weeks before they are back in service.

"Kick Shock" "Hyperfun" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


D Mesh

every breakthrough scientist has a jar of marshmallow fluff on his workbench, hallmark of quality


soo woek? any one can translate that?


Thank you very much for your diligence! Very much looking forward to your next update. Thank you again!!


have you looked into mono atomics, and or dielectric energy mechanics as an inverse compliment to magnetic energy mechanics? these are interesting to me, in tests with mono atomics, when heating them to higher than normal temperatures during the weighing process a portion of the weight disappears, very weird. the same thing happens in superconductive material when superconductivity is achieved, a portion of the spectral weight shifts to the infrared plane. very interesting stuff.


I did and work, congrats Mr. Keshe


maybe i am stupid, but i see only 4 yellow balls running on some elettric motors, full of wires, connected to some instruments.
Here you are talking about PLASMA REACTOR.
Why i have to see this? can you show an room with ONLY this reactor producing energy and generate enought elettricity to turn on lights, wash machines , radio, computer?
Or it is all just a fairtale?

Rob Ruitenberg

a friend of mine is doing this so for i can not find any one who is showing actual results how this is applied so far i cannot find any one who can explain to me the basic succint clear principles. If you NANO coat for say fort example copper wire are you then not creating a super conductor thus lowering power usage. . i don’t see energy being produced out of thin air. or that these generators tap into an undiscovered power source.


Hello Marc, I really like your channels and your vids. Good and honest stuff. Keep on going. But why did you waste your time with this keshe scam ? You don't need to make 5 vids to prove it is BS. One video of Mr Keshe himself and things are crystal clear.

Gary Keating

Did anyone make you take live feed off? also does it produce power?

Cauê Stähelin da Costa

Damn youre so incompetent you couldn't even make co2 gans... how will you build anything to prove if it works or not if you cant even make gans? I mean, it's hard to to it wrong

Will Hatch

Simple thought on your copper deposition rig from my days learning micromachining. If you get some helium (aka a balloon at the very least but a small tank) and run a purge line you'll get no carbon to scrape.

Norman Harris

I love it! Whatever logical, reasonable or scientific reason you bring, these croks will always find a a "reason" for it not working. So how do you feel about tackling this flat Earth plague thats been hitting the web? lol!
Stunning work thanks!
God bless you.


that white stuff looks like Ormus...

Stephen Salamone

put it under a vacuum and it will work good .

Freda Maddern

And the wars or will it ,will they still want to kill and control using free energy.Forget them BRING IT IN NOW.. FREE ENERGY FOR THE WORLD.

Doc Hollowood

gosh we didn't get to see the power level of the black cylinders --- glad they're pulling from the zero point matrix tho

Félix Audet

Copper deposition using exploding wires was a mistake from the begining .

Chris C

It looks like half a sphere in the live shot just sitting there :(

Thoba Khumalo Petrovic

why not form the copper into the shape of the collector for a symmetrical dispersion

starship trooper

you have done it wrong!! you must wait at least 200 years for it to work! It's hard to judge it now!! LOL


Amazing! hoping that it comes together.


How is your project coming along

martijn de Graaf

go to the Keshe Facebook pages


Star formation plasma reactor? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE!!!

Joris ridder de van der Schueren

I am highly interested in possibly setting up such a "Keshe Plasma Reactor" and using it, for my house, my community or city, my business or even factory. Who do I need to contact? For setting up something like that?

Robert Potter

so is this running on its own or pluged into to a power source / the plasma reactor?

Lesna Skola

keshe is the best things what happend with mankind at the last 4000 year. This man is just a joke. He just getting money after page visitors. Just an average man who try to make bad things for otherones.


What is this equipment for? To fly ?

gregor ink

Hi hi a kabelki doprowadzone do silników to co


So how much power does this thing produce?

chester wheeler

Why not use aluminum coated iron? How about anodized aluminum?

Camo jackson

We're are you located I want to play in your shop!

Paulo Jose Castro

well that was a time waster

Neuza Onofrio

Keshe wants us all to have it to survive the next tsunami that will cover the west side of the united states, and you guys are saying that he is a lier?!!!!! The governors are the ones that are making it impossible, because they want us to die in this tragedy that is about to happen at anytime! Do your researches!!! Be informed!!!!!

Dan Ogden

So, net/net, does the thing do what it says it's supposed to, or is this just another 500mpg carburetor?

Zahid Mahmood

Its nice explain about keshe plasma reactor good job.

M Wing

To get a better spread use 2 or 3 or even 4 arcs of copper wire at 90 and 45 degree angles to each other and beef up the amperes to get a more powerful spread.

sally-ann Williams

Very interesting and clever.

John Smith

LOL. Most of the time when people say "Don't do this at home", they are at home doing it.

Jesse Reiter

I saw that smirk you think this might be hogwash wash correct?


only two ways to release force from the eathers and that is pressure or heat everything is a waste of time as for practical use

Mystic Daves Tarot & Machine Shop

Oh Geezzzzz. The post he is referring to did NOT say to put both the zinc and copper plates outside of the solution. There is no hope for this experiment if he has a reading comprehension problem. The post said "I put my zinc plate outside of container, nano coated plate inside container." He seems to be unable to follow or understand even the simplest directions.


it's illegal to use a legal name, google legal name fraud

Luide Rios

The reaction of production of gans is not taking place since the zinc plates and the copper coated nanoparticles are very close to the bottom of the container. So there is no room for the field to act. It must be well separated from the bottom of the container and the distance between one plate and another must be at least 5 cm between them.

Kevin Chamberlain

Anyone got a good reason to trust this guy, please?

Yolanda Tamez

thanks. I am just a beginner but love it...learned already from this ...

Trina McDonald

Why all the fighting in the comments? It is now Dec 15th. Either it works or it doesn't. By the fact there seems to be no stories out there that it works, I will assume that, as thought, it is just another scam.


For those who believe or for those who don't believe why doesn't someone just go and purchase one of his Magrav devices from the Keshe Foundation website and then test it at home and put something on youtube letting everyone know whether it's real or not. It's so simple to call Keshe out, but yet I am still waiting for someone to do this simple review. Either Keshe is the greatest conman of all times or he has discovered the greatest technology known to man.

BTW... don't ask me to do it, because I am just a spectator. :-)

Sean G.

hi, i'm sure you know way more than I do but thought I recall him saying that all 4 reactors are suppose to be running anti-clockwise which creates the invisible plasma in the center ?


Why you don't built ROTOVERTER energy saving motor ? (works as stated)


I've been hearing the name Keshe on just about every alternate news website out there and I've also downloaded a few files (pretty big files) the man has placed out there. Maybe I'm missing something but some of his ideas seem to be in left field to me.

Jeremy Williams

Look at the silly thing go! Any 'anomolous effects' in play yet, +Zerofossilfuel?

Cre8-Health - Thought Project Earth

since reality is consciousness i'm seeing a lack of reality here ... hahaha
see i can make bad jokes too


Spark Gap Switches for Pulsed Plasma Thruster


Fair and balanced, and humorous too.

Gadget mall

Use an analog meter .your lcd meter will read numbers just from stray capacitance and are unreliable because the have a quartz clock time base generator. Use a normal analog meter that font use batteries..

Ken Scott

Just a waste of time and money. Plasma is a state of matter i.e solid, liquid , gas, and plasma. Plasma is hot, extremely hot, and so why will small copper lined plastic spheres contain such hot matter, even for an instant, not just EXPLODE eh? because they spin on their own? Ridiculous.

arno kosterman

But the water is mater state?
Remamber the story about the plasma trough the nano layering tube when entetie that's mater entetie wil not transmutatie to the plasma.
I'm just a starter to explore this cience I'm now creating GaNS to start wurking whit the felds.

I help mï naber en his pain is really gone en he dit not now wat mind was behind it so now placebo.
En I feel the energy of the GaNS

now what?

Secret's out ....It's marshmallow fluff!

Liberty Warrior

As soon as anybody can show one of these devices actually powering up something, give me a call.

Fais moi confiance, je suis ingenieur

this guy is awesome , the amount of work he is doing to put all that none sense together , and knowing that the only thing that actually works at the Keshe foundation is the donation button, is just amazing , thank you keep up

Tom McDonough

I'm not an electronics tech. I'm not so much interested in replicating Keshe's theory, I and everyone else I know, want to see Keshe's actual home-car generator DEVICES being tested and evaluated.


I'm curious, I wonder if you can plate more copper over that copper layer that was deposited in the globe? I'm a jewelry maker and I copper plate a lot.

Thought Challenger

October 30, Did this thing levitate the house yet?

Angel Flores Morales

quisiera saber sus partes electronicas para energisar laspartes de las medias esferas con que energia las ioniza y cuantos segundos


your awesome Mark....thankx for the update

Speedy Stevie

Any luck with this project?

David Falgout

bull shit

Gilaitjeune France

Blablabla ! WHAT is your message ? Please communicate as a professionnal.


This is so ridiculous. Where is the hard data? Take two identical pots
filled with the same amount of water. Verify the water temperature is
identical. Place a heater under one pot powered off the mains, or off an
extension cord running from a neighbor's house (if that is what is
required). Put a meter on it. I want to see the wattage going into the
heater. Connect the other heater to this device. Place a meter on it
also. Do they both bring the water to a boil in the same amount of time?
Is there any actual, measurable difference in the amount of power
required to boil the water. Any excuse for not doing this type of
experiment is proof of fraud. Produce hard data and hard results or you
are wasting everyone's time. I dont want to hear about how you cant hook
this or that to it. That is just some extreme bullcrap. Put a heater on
it. Produce real measurable data.

Ozi Goo

Great job, but I think now the nano coated coils are the main focus... maybe if you can make the coils? as described on the new "blueprint" videos and test them?

Eddy Silver

I have intrest in plasma reactor, can you recoment some material of it?

Light Speed

I would try the shape of a Merkaba!!..... Add a second pyramid!!!!!!!! to the geometry of the Reactor


It is fascinating to watch a video that shows how its done or constructed. However you never once mentioned what is it good for?? Cool, it seems to work for what? I don't see an amp meter or voltage [VOM], continually a vague representation on all 4 of your videos?..... Watts IT 4?

Derek Humfleet

Thank you

Mikee Erman


Gg Quinn

I'm concerned that you missed a crucial element from your experiments. The notes published for Keshe's "Magrav Power - Power Factor Corrector Device" state that you should "Send good intentions to it" and "do not send negative intentions...". I suspect this is a general rule for all of Keshe's devices that will prevent anybody from debunking them, and only true believers will ever get his devices to work. I have no doubt that some supporter of Keshe will be able to sell a quantity of "good intentions" or tell us how to make them.
I'd like to see Keshe debunk your debunk by posting a practical demonstration on youtube (but please Keshe, keep it under 20 minutes). Perhaps Mark, you could then debunk the debunk debunk, and we can all light up the barbeque to give a good nano-coating to some burgers and break out some super-cooled beers.


got stocks?

Lee Richard

what i afraid is that ks would go out of his ways to con naive victims who would be happy to be a cult ,what matter most is how to stop this guy


it's already been three weeks, update please!

Van Der Lay Industries

I'll swap you your plasma reactor for some of my magic beans.

MP 9

D Mesh

I'm not sure about these devices but I do believe that alternative energy has been suppressed for decades, opening the door for snake oil salesmen, which these guys may or may not be

split pea

Hi me thinks you should use your left hand to hit the button.

mag netron

have universities experimented with nano coated copper??????


do they turn on there own generated energy ?
cabn you give me a link pls where i can find the chematics pls .

Moto Back to constitution

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Ripoff Report | The Keche Foundation Plasma Generator Magrav ...
Oct 18, 2016 - The Keche Foundation Plasma Generator Magrav Ir. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe Mehran Tavakoli Keshe Watch this before you spend your money.

Crowd Funding for Keshe Scam - Revolution-Green
Aug 28, 2015 - When I´ve heard about the Magrav Power Car System from the Keshe Foundation I was excited. Their plasma technology will revolutionize our .

Customer receives Keshe Magrav, initial output is same as input
Nov 26, 2015 - We're still coming up empty either on finding reports of purchased and received Magrav systems that produce excess energy, or of replications

Man exposes Keshe's Magrav technology to be a fraud with a full proof ...
Jan 8, 2016 - 3 posts - ‎2 authors
Even the finished Magrav units have been proven not to work so far. They have been mysteriously recalled by Keshe himself, after selling units ...

Video for magrav hoax▶ 3:07
Nov 5, 2015 - Uploaded by magnetshack
KESHE MAGRAV FREE ENERGY HOAX? also sorry about any ... down, I hope that's for quality of video .

Video for magrav hoax▶ 3:07
Nov 5, 2015 - Uploaded by magnetshack
KESHE MAGRAV FREE ENERGY HOAX? also sorry about any ... down, I hope that's for quality of video .

Confirmed: Magravs don't work. AND KESHE WENT TOO FAR ...
Jun 25, 2016 - So we did get an interaction between the meter and the magrav. ... plus shipping (!), which means it's the same scam under a different name!

Keshevictims Public Group | Facebook
Peter Mariën This teacher solved the theoretic problem with the magrav since there is no scientific relation ..... Misrepresenting the power of fake products.



Rigid paradigms ?

"How to create a starcraft without motors " youtube video Fg5nlvPms44


worship is a naughty word!

Cosmic Justice

Looking forward to the next video.


it's very interesting. I'm curious to know what is the truth? Please speak to your Kesha YT live. He conducts sessions and answer live.

John Dennett

Keshe is a liar and a steaming pile of dog shit.

Naoki Kashima

Zero.... you've been doing this experiment for a while now. What is your opinion now about the Keshe technology. Does it have some substance to it, or is it bogus? I am super interested in Keshe technology. Please post your thoughts on the technology so far...

PS: now need to bungle Perendev motor with this, it is separate technology... Howard Johnson managed to make something similar too (HoJo motor).

Doc Hollowood

spare golf tees and a golf balls are not in want here, I assembled a unit and implicated it upon my macbook pro apple logo, and I haven't had to charge my laptop since ! Also, the logo glows brighter.


Keshe is a fraud and actually he is Kos-kesh.

Francisco a

Very funny the end and the comment about peswiki.


The bunion strap on the conscience coil is reversed ! Newb's . . .

Tesla Coil Romania

And ..?