Batman Arkham Knight: A Matter Of Family DLC- Weird War Tales Achievement/Trophy

Batman Arkham Knight: A Matter Of Family DLC- Weird War Tales Achievement/Trophy

44 397 views | 24 Jul. 2015

We show you how to get the Weird War Tales Achievement/Trophy for the new Batgirl DLC for Batman Arkham Knight. You could probably go to the pirate ship to finish it as well but this is how we did it.

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Logan Bowman

Didn't Work!

Reece Kransiqi

thanks this helped alot

Controller Cramps

Does it stack through multiple playthroughs?


This one was pretty retarded, if only I knew about it starting my first playthrough. But that wasn't the worst part. What kept pissing me off was how hard it was attracting thugs to the electric floors but eventually I got it.

Game Play Video's

Thanks for the guide.


Thanks to your guidance, RR, I was able to get the trophy. Being extremely patient, I actually earned the trophy on the Ferris Wheel. I could not have done it w/o you. Many thanks!


can you just keep restarting from the checkpoint?

JBLegend 52

I finally got this dum trophy


Thanks for this helpful video. Such an annoying trophy to get, but I got there thanks to you.

Ahkin Inniss

nicely done

Kanepe Sekiz

I found a solution for getting this in post game.

Owen S

My electric panels didn’t reset when they sent more out


It didn't work I did everything in the video until when the second wave of guys came to the Ferris wheel it didn't let me use the console to play music to distract the guards it just stopped working. Any tips on how this can be achieved?


Thanks. Now I only have to finish New Story+ and the game is platinum'ed :)


Thank you! It Worked


Hey RR, thank you for this video.  I couldn't find one for this trophy anywhere when I looked a couple of weeks ago. Really like the production value, especially the PS cutaways. this is my first time seeing one of your videos and I am impressed.  Hopefully the video works for me. Many thanks.

Paradise 24

Doesn't work for me

Daniele Pennese

Hi. I finished the DLC but missed this trophy. It does not look like uou can do it anymore, unless u start again. There are some mobs left, but nothing to hack near them.

Chase Chute

Omg, someone has this guide up. Thanks my man. : D

Todd Wagner

It goes from 13 to 15...where is number 14?

JBLegend 52

I need help with this trophy I did it exactly like u and it still didn’t work


Thank you, helpful shit!

Adam D

This helps a lot thanks


Batgirl is so fucking hot

Tejas Rajput

Thanks bro. This works hair you follow the steps exactly.


Do I have to replay the whole thing?