Front Runner Roof Rack Install - Ford Excursion and Propane Bottle Holder Install Bonus Footage

Front Runner Roof Rack Install - Ford Excursion and Propane Bottle Holder Install Bonus Footage

1 076 views | 3 Jul. 2020

More cargo area was in need. So I looked to the Instagram community and found Mark from my_first_fx. He already had a Front Runner Slimline II roof rack installed and it looked to be larger then the standard Front Runner kit. After a few messages on Instagram he sent me a very up close video introducing himself and his over-sized Front Runner roof rack. It was perfect!! Shortly after, Mark had sent me his parts list for his roof rack and this video picks up right after my parts had arrived.

Thank you Mark

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Front Runner Parts List for Ford Excursion:

Slim Line Tray 2772 x 1425: FRORRSTJ14

Foot Set / 40mm-50mm: FROFASS012 x5

Foot Set / 60mm-70mm: FROFASS013 x1

Universal Track - 1400MM: FROTRAC002 x2

Universal Gas/Propane Bottle Holder: FROGBHO011

All these parts were ordered from

Some of these parts are not listed on their website, just give them a call and they will create an order for you.

(818) 253-1322

Here are links to several of the items used in this video:

Rivet Nut Tool:

Rivet Nuts:

Cordless Drill:

Cordless Drill Batteries:

Cordless Drill Battery Charger:


Hex Key Set:

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Brooks Jorgensen

Dude I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm in the process of buying an excursion and I plan on building mine as an overland/bugout truck for my family and I.

How do you like the excursion/any issues with it? And is the V10 model reliable?

Pete Johnson

Why 5 of one footset and 1 of the other?

Clinton Pedersen

That's awesome!! What are the overall dimensions of the rack?

Scott Townsend

Did the he rails bolt where the stock ones where?

Secondhand Overland

Good Job !! Looks like a nice clean strong install. You wont be that guy to have his rack slide off the front of his truck going into a deep hole. cheers

J Dub

Did you take the headliner out to jnstall...or just the pop rivet is the key?
How deep did you drill into the roof?

Rocky Mtn Redneck

Look beautiful! I love the extruded Al rails and the world of bolt down possibility they provide.

Jimbo Flynn

Looks really good! Have you considered doing a full “walk around” video? I’d like to see some of your suspension and other mods you’ve done.