Rob Joyce Plays Guitar For Keith Urban on "Good Thing"

Rob Joyce Plays Guitar For Keith Urban on "Good Thing"

4 417 197 views | 3 Aug. 2016

Multi-angle crowd video of one fan's dream come true.


What a humble man Keith Urban truly is..usually not in the makeup of Aussie males! for Rob I wouldn’t mind a dollar from every time he’s replayed this vlog..outstanding!

Andy Reimers

3.2 seconds're hired. That guy grabbed the whole band and pulled them thru the whole thing.

Jürgen Reul

madness, i love things like that. saw this video for the first time today. played super well Rob. Thank you Keth and Rob for this moment. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!



Keith Davies

ROBs no joke HE ABSOLUTELY SLAYED THAT SONG! and good on ya cobbo for recognizing the talent!

Driveway STAR

F'cking legend

Yetti Man

I think i just became a keith urban fan.

Nick Xcaliber

He rev’ed his straight piped squatted 1990 Chevy even louder this night.

Phil Atkinson

That's why we love this band, that's a daring move! Sou d guys, hats off, you made the kid sound awesome in lead riff...Keith is amazing to follow up...this is the real passion for anythinging favorite video ev

Jens Magnusson

Love it !

Tim Wright

Thank you

Kit Forshee

Every time someone comments here, I end up watching this video again. Thank you Keith and Rob for the moment that we have shared over and over again!

Chris N.

The best part about the performance was how tasteful Rob was when they gave him the opportunity to solo in the middle and at the end. Both times he was like "let me play a simple tasteful lick" and crushed it. Really was a masterclass in using the fundamentals to nail a performance when playing with strangers.


Goosebumps over and over again!

chris dwarica

2020.. dude is Killin it!

Ed Swierbinski


Denise Hedden


Hell Yeahhhh such a kind dude, and the kids got talent, makes you feel good.

alex rivera

No one will ever have such a badass birthday. Just ripping them strings like nothing. Hope you are well dude rock on!

Manny Oria

the dream !!!

Path Below

Rob's the man. He is an excellent guitarist

Candice Templeton

america's got talent

Skittles31 skittles31

That’s my B-day July 2.....

Riley Tech

The best thing is when Keith uses the actual opening line of the song "Just hold it now" to tell the guitar tech to hold onto the guitar

Amy Loo

He is very good.

Tim Stohlmeyer

I'll start off im not a fan of country music. But I stumbled across this video... dam man the juice he brings to the stage! Keith being a stand up guy and giving him a shot. And the kid tearing it up. Congrats to all involved great experience! Chills everytime he starts his solo!

Therese Kirkpatrick

Kick ass

Jonny Snipes

Now that’s how you make your gf never wanna leave you ever

Barb R

Loved it, loved it, loved.....who is with me in 2020!!!

Lucy Dean

I have watched this 10 times in a row- cry a little every time. It’s just sooo cool Keith is clearly surprised when Rob just takes control and Keith just lets it roll. A moment in time where all the stars lined up perfectly. Perfect.

Brad Ashworth

Rob is great. Keith is awesome.. then you see Keith with Tommy Emmanuel.. hole.. eeee shite

Robert White

This cool in so many ways. The astonished looks on their faces is priceless. This guy ripped it from start to finish. What an awesome memory Keith and the band helped make possible. If this were basketball they'd be saying "the kid can ball"

Marcus Lek

when im sad i go to this specific video. And im a happy man once again! love this


Feeling so damn good in 2020 aswell!

Therese Kirkpatrick

I miss live music

Joshua Hlubb

That was pretty cool.

Unknown Player

While watching this im smiling because its enjoying to see something like this <3 2021?


Time for a 2021 view... Yup... still awesome!

Johnny Massengale

I can never get enough of this video. I've watched it hundreds of times. Just love it!

Songwriters Library

When persistence and opportunity meet. Great job.

Gerry Pair

That Guy can play. WOW.

michael peberdy

Rob got up there and really did it !
Great stuff !



richard balogh

That is so cool it is so good it makes you smile

mark vetter

one of the best things I have ever seen on youtube - Rob, you stone cold nailed it and kudos to Keith and the band for realizing so quickly that the kid was the real thing

Scott Barr

dude's a hero

Tracy Evans

Wow!! Happy birthday Rob how was that for a dream come true live on stage playing guitar for keith urban awesome job

Chuck Salerno

anyone know the song name?

Abdur Rahman

I knew, you'll wacth rob again in 2021

John Kilty

Loved it! He looks like Ron White, If he was 22 not fat and played a mean guitar.

Barbara Parton

This was just GREAT..Thank u Keith for being so kind and giving him his dream.

Frank Priv

so good






Courtroom Judge: You’re guilty!!!
Rob: Of what your honor??
Courtroom Judge: Killing that the best way possible. Well done,

Si Go

How great this was.... of Keith and of Rob... AMAZING

NewageRoidrage 24

Kieth was like oh shit aight homie shred away!

Gene Williams

Keith Urban such a wonderful person and great musician. Killed it Rob.

Peter Janis

I come back to this video at least twice a year. Such a cool moment. And a cool recognition of artists that theres randos in the crowd who can do it just as well! Awesome

Ron Schuman

2:34 Lighting guy: Ok, i guess were gonna do this, lets give him the full show. (3:21 Faceroll lighting controller)


Is that The Doo ???

Larry Lehman

Keith urban you rock you are so down to earth it’s a pleasure to sing your songs and watch you perform I am bass player and a very limited rhythm player so thanks again

Joe K.

Wish this guy actually did end up playing with Keith Urban. That'd be such a cool story. He certainly has the chops and loves his music.


She wasn’t kidding,when she said Rob could be his back up guitarist......

Ed Castle

I've seen this 100 times and I love it every time....

Tom Curren

How gratifying that must've been for Keith watching some stranger play HIS song on HIS guitar with HIS band. Keith never took his eyes off Rob's playing!

Anonymous Coward

As good as this was this is even better:

Scott Barr

great gutarist

Alexis Tangman

1:33 Well we'll see how this works out...
1:36 Wait just a goddamn minute!


please let them keep the fucking guitar it is chump change to u. reward them for making u a couple 100 grand
cheap fuckers

Matt Geisel

This is by far the best "fan comes on stage" video out there. Rob absolutely crushes it. Such a great vid and will be a memory Rob will never forget. Also hats off to the tech making sure to hit all the changes and boost for the solo. What a cool video.

Bynum Rich

i played in bands for over 30 years and i can tell you for sure the band got off on this kid coming up and killing this song. Just look at the bass player. We used to love this kind of thing.

S. Gonzales

That was so awesome

Yetti Man

I love seeing artists enjoy themselves with theirnfans

John Menyhard

Ice guys

Lehmann Peters

When Rob plays that first lick and Keith suddenly looks back and turns. He's like "Damn!"



Peggy Williamson

Bad ass man!

Sherrie Actor

Absolutely unbelievably perfect!

John Patriot

So you ask to play his guitar, get up on stage cold, start a song a drive the band. HOW FN AWESOME IS THAT!!

Nick Merlino

Never seen a guy in cargo shorts look that cool

John Menyhard

This was so staged

sht dpuck

Love these moments and he nailed it!

Andrew Hoggett

I hope Keith hired him


I watch this 5 times every time I come back to it. So badass

Corrin Huddleston

That was excellent! Yeah for Kieth


Why couldnt they get Keith a Guitar ??


come on, "do you play guitar"...this is set up

E.C of B.C

He should be in Keith's back up band...damn He's good

larry prettyboy jr

Hellyeah!!! He Killed it!!!...

Mary-Rose McDaniel

Great! Just great! Hahaha! So nice

Josh Williams

Freakin awesome great job brother.

Cj Hart

Damn amazing to step up and play like a pro

Steven Bell

Anybody else notice keith asked for a guitar then pointed it away as soon as Rob started playing

Tim Ward


page cruz

Enjoy the video again on me :)

John Menyhard

In my state


That loud squeak could crack glass

JG Snave

Every now and then, I just have to cruise by to watch it again. Epic.

C.C. Ryder

dictionary definition of 'killed it'.....picture of Rob Joyce. the pressure of being cold, random guitar, thousands of people that are gonna roast you if you blow it even a little bit and then kill it like that. why ain't this kid running the country?


Oh man, I've probably watched this a hundred times and love it just as much as the first! As a performing musician myself, so many little things I notice - Keith's guitar tech immediately realized Rob was the real deal and dialed him in a monster sound soon after he started playing (kinda thin at first but got MUCH punchier when the band started playing). Also the reaction of the bassist and drummer is priceless - they are SO enjoying this moment! Right at the end at 5:02, when Rob turns around to watch the drummer for the ending - the drummer looks right at Rob and nods his head real big while smiling at him to say "you go man, end it with a big guitar fill"! And afterwards the drummer is clapping more than anybody else acknowledging Rob's stellar work! Priceless!!