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Hi guys! In this video we're going to do ICESTORMARENA HACK!

*Join high level rooms in /icestormarena using low level account. You can use this to farm EXP fast!


1. Download Grimoire, open it and log-in, then join a private room first (ex. /join yulgar-1e9)

2. click Packets → Tamperer → check "Capture from Server"

3. /join icestormarena

4. Copy the code as shown in the video, paste it in notepad to edit it.

5. Change the intLevel to any number higher than 75

6. Copy the code you changed, paste it in the upper box.

7. Click "Sent to client"

8. Done. Now try going to the high level rooms.

►Download links listed here:


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Thank you for watching! ❤️

Andrew Subire


Monster RTron

u aint use Revenant ?!?!?


thank you tho :) now im leveling up XD.

Aljhon Geo

u from philippines?

Malingin Chysca Joy

what did u download?

Zack Taylor

Tried it out. Worked for a full 20 mins, then they blocked it

415_Muhamad Rizhan Fateha

yo, my grimoire won't use skills i set. i use vhl and i set shackled, highlord gaze, and armageddon but the bot keeps using shackled and unshackled (which i don't set) consecutively which can harm my hp. any1 got idea how to solve it?

Rafie Hazim

can we hack quest drop rate?


archlight how to enable full access for the net framework because i cant load plugins


Here is a better option so you don't have to copy all that code and capture from server or anything:

{"t":"xt","b":{"r":-1,"o":{"cmd":"uotls","o":{"intMP":100,"intLevel":100,"intHP":5489},"unm":"YOUR ACCOUNT NAME HERE"}}}

Just replace the "YOUR ACCOUNT NAME HERE" with your account name, and press the send to client button.

Gabriel Tapan

Is this still working until today?


The Gates of Heaven are open to you, my friend.

James Liu

What is the best vhl skill combo to put on grimoire?

Breno Bandeira

Does it make it possible to turn in quests for higher levels?


Lumin badge bot please

Ron Josiah

Can a shaman class survived there?

Markevans Iglesias

bro how to get the lightcaster class?


Crazy, this could also get you item requirements for quests...

Diamond Clash

Can someone help me please grimore 3.8 tamperer won’t let me copy or even drag the selected texts

DimZ GemIng

Pls make this But for Cetera

Elham Khalik

Can low lv use lv 100 enhancement with this trick?


hey my bot is starting to glitch since yesterday. My character sometimes doesnt launch his skill although the skills seem to be clicked but they are just stuck there. Do you know how to fix this?

Lord Alkaser

Not working


Olá, não estou conseguindo fazer o donwload desse arquivo... poderia me enviar o link? :(

Albert Gaming

i cant see the script in the link


Lumin badge bot please

kchrzyt -

I need help it’s my first time using grimore 3.8 and I haven’t started a single game it always crash need your help man

Heinz Solinap

Why do you even have lightcaster at level 27?!?!?!

Fourdy Mi'raj

Can u help me? make a holiday paragon pet dude! thx

ทักษ์ดนัย เรืองสมบัติ

it's work


why that is not work to me

Al-hashim S. Antao

Is it possible to unlock lightcaster quest tho?

TK Studio

Here is a question:

I know you can access old shops with shop IDs, but is there an available shop that you can open that has access to purchase a paragon pet? Any of them, even the shogun pet from the recent event (I just started up AQW again and I missed it)


this can unlock the lvl 50+ enhancements too wow

Chan Plays

Still working?


Pls do elemental dragon slayer bot

Berto Bertuso

Husay talaga nateng mga pinoy

Eriko Ferdian

Thank you so much this is work perfectly , btw here some tips you can get any lv 50+ class on early lv with this bug , i just get scarlet sorcerres on lv 43 by doing the same thing this guy does , but make sure all requiments are fulfilled


Does this work for grimoire 3.8+ ? I have tried following the steps completely and it won't work, nothing happens when I click send to client

andrei reyes

Can you fix the Lightcaster id shop

Houston Obial

Hey mate how did you get the lightcastee class?

Nived Shaji

Damm time to lvl up all my accounts xD

mmix _22

Hack LC class again pls

Vitor Augusto Guder

da erro na instalação do app alguem pode me ajudar?

Yani Louise

Does it work if u log off the game?

Wizz Fizz

Make a bot on AFDL please?

adham khaled

can you do a bot for creator to

Rayan Rayhan

Are this hack can be use to accept quest in icestorm?

agus shirakuma

i try that, but why in that scrip i cannot find my username and there another username that i did'nt know? is this cannot use again?


I think this doesn't work anymore.

Paul Reed

Another great content! please do SDKA latter quests bot



Dota Wadafak TV

i think its patched

tomas romero

Alto fraude si llegas a lvl 100 por qué tú barra de experiencia está por la mitad ?

Diamond Clash

Can someone help me please grimore 3.8 tamperer won’t let me copy or even drag the selected texts

Davi Santos Bezerra

I did everything as you asked, but did not receive Exp bonus. what is the file for? (SkillComandPlugin.dll) you requested or downloaded!
Help, me!!

Last Sith

With this trick can u take light caster class whic is 80+lvl

Arkananta Azel

thxu now im level 81!

Iago Mattos

Net vídeo is void hilord ?? Hehe Please ?

Je Rome

step by step please

Angelika Coralde

SAD :( Don't Work For Me


Stop botting kid


Next Charpage: Zwyoh

Just some slime with internet access

Bruh botters hope u all get banned, just go play another game if u r too lazy to click buttons

Good Pupper

i cant get it to work

Jun Mel Rita

Great ideas !!! New hacks ur always be the best, can i request in nostalgia instead not 8 years played thanks

Earl Nathaniel Kirong

can u fix lightcaster id shop

Ralph Felix

man where could i download the GRIMOIRE 3.8

Cagadas, Nathaniel A. -ARRHENIUS

Mate Can i ask ? The glitch room is still working?

Todd Halpert

are you from philippines?

Kurt Gabarda

Make this on CETERA PLEASE!

Renz Loi Okit

Can you update the void Highlord quest? with an updated Larvae quest and Aelita's Emerald. Thanks!

John Alarin

so you are filipino

Quoc Nguyen

How can I fix the bot? I would assign it to use specific skills but it ends up using all skills.


Next Charpage: KableCageV2

John Lhoyd Madronero

Can i have it plssdss


why keep saying that it can ruin your computer?


and member maps?


working ?


Fellow Pilipino Patulong Naman Ayaw Walang Nangyayari Watdapakmen HHAHAHA


when i click send to client nothing happens

Chezney Mitchell

can you get lightcaster before level 80 anymore?

Reckon Gaming

Hey bro can you do choas rep and get rank 10 fast

freyder piedrahita

Necrotic sword of doom bot, please

chel benites

Lol . Es todo falso . Solo te cambia el número nivel 100 pero no sus estadísticas . Te das cuenta rápidamente

Alone LegendsPlay

Não consigo colar no bloco de notas como faço?

Drakath Typhoon

Is it possible to take advantage in enhancement using this?

Lion Sin Escanor

Do you know anything about skill stacking / attack stacking for pvp?

G o d L i k e

Will you make me a specific bot if I pay you.?? XD

Bilal Said

thanks man helped a lot

John Lhoyd Madronero

Giys who have a aqw acc here that already abandoned

Gum Gum

if possible hack to enter nostalgiaquest dont have 8years acc.

satisfyah fayah

I though u should be at lvl 85 to get lcaster .how did u get it?

kulangut dubet

how did you get the lightcasterclass

Ron Josiah

Can i have this account :(

Saeed Ahmed

Umm i think some of u get disconnected while using bot u know what cause disconnected when the bot accept the drop twice and it make harm in the server and crash so when u use bot accpt the drops by ur self .

Muhammad Yasykur

where is your main account? is it deleted?

Try Hard

cant download grimoire :(

Astaroth IX

Hack launcher for android :3

Jason Brul

how to download grimoire? help me please replyy i badly need this