Bloodborne - The Best PHYSICAL Blood Gem Setups for ALL Weapons

Bloodborne - The Best PHYSICAL Blood Gem Setups for ALL Weapons

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1. Radial Physical UP by 27.2% (Layer 1 boss drops it):


2. Triangle Physical UP by 27.2% (Layer 1 boss drops it):


3. Cursed Tempering Abyssal - 24.8%, +15 Physical flat:

4. Cursed Heavy Abyssal - STR scaling+65, +15 Physical flat:

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1st song information (04:54):


by Sum It

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"Big Body"

by Ballpoint


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Pheochromo 1

Dude your videos have been so helpful...thank you for uploading yet another one.... you've got yourself another subscriber..


Dude I just found your channel and honestly, thank you. You've made making a broken character so much simpler.


What are the requirements to go into the chalice glyph?

Swagg Daddy

What chalices i need to be able to use those glyphs ?

Knight Slayer

My bloodtinge gen that is 28.7% Blood ATK UP
Add Blood ATK Up +7.3 is better than a 30% bloodtinge gem. It’s has 19 rating and the 30% gem has a 17 rating. Does rating boost damage as well?


Why are u using uncanny weapon and not lost ones??

bruce paredes


Rodrigo Reyes Sánchez

Wow this content is really useful, keep it up!!! Btw could you do a video on an early +100 beasthood rune? I'm trying to do an early game coop build with full beasthood plus beast claws and it would be very useful. Anyways great video

Viz Sicko

Where do you get these

Louis Croes

Hi, I checked the comments but didn't find anything on the Kirkhammer. What would be the best gems for it?

Yogitron Prime

Great video. This really helped me sort out what I was doing. Couple questions, does the Reiter and the Rifle Spear benefit from the same setup as the Bowblade, and does the Amygdalan Arm benefit from from Nourishing Gems the same as HMS, BoM, Burial even though you only one hand it? I'm assuming the Wheel also benefits from Nourishing in 2 handed? Also, would Nourishing Gems be a decent option on Bloodtinge weapons to utilize both modes?

Dante Bachieca

Can you get more than one of these blood gems? I'm asking because I already have one cursed heavy abyssal blood gem, and, when I defeated the Blood-letting beast I couldn't pick up another one.
Is there a way to get more than one?


I just finish the game and I will going to DLC there’s anyway I can get the rakuyo I buying it? I have a lot echoes to spare

Orang biasa

Im kinda hunting for thr Nourishing gem (ATK 26.3) and fools gem.. I do have the 21.9 nourishing and fools 29.0 and man, it just 2-3 shot those obese watchers with the hms point-blank r2.

Boss Attack

This channel is a godsend. What are the best gems for the Chikage?

Rowden Games

I realized that u did a video on blood echo farming but i think i got a good one
Glyph - 6spgjpkv
U literally need to do nothing the enermies will walk into the poison mist and kill themselves all u need to do is pick up there loot and hunters mark outta there

P.s these guys also drop good fire/bolt and arcane triangle gems

Walter Junior

Where did you get that Abyssal Gem from the third HMLS?

salman muhammad

Where can I find those gume

Modnar laudividni

I got my uhmls to 1101, I need 1 or 2 gems to get to 1177. I have 4 weapons that can crank out over 1k damage.

Wokstar Eugene

My lord, My savior. I was doing 500 dmg total with my ludwig now im doing close to 900 every swing


Quick Question do u get ur videos to be 720p60?


So skill based weapons benefits most from str scaling gems even if you didnt invest in str ?


Amazing video as always, but I was wondering if you could make a video for radial bloodtinge farming

Redza Adly



Dude thank you so much I only started playing bloodborne a month ago and thanks to your vids My loot and gems are godly

U Know

Where can I farm for thrust and blunt weapons?

z NightOwl z

How LONG did this take Jesus Christ

Wilk 50

Lol i can’t unlock thees codes after so many hrs in dungeons and ng+5


What i need for a Labyrinth Skill to open this Levels?? Atm i only opened isz Labyrinth and clear that to Level 3


Bro thank you you are honestly the best your vids help me so much as a new player


Where do I get the heir runes to do the living failures trick, I am level 89

ljmc - lsc

Where you getting these 27% triangles I can't find a video on your Chanel explaining just the 25% ones can you get higher like 30+ ? If anyone could get back to me I'd appreciate any help

Lol No

nice video but don t hit the doll :(

Creamy Spinach

Bro you're amazing please never stop till elden ring comes out. This helps so much as I suck at doing my own builds. Plz make guides like this for other weapons in the future

Karthik kai

Lol dont hurt the doll


Can you do early beast rune 100+?


It’s saying I do not meet the requirements when I search the glyphs. Why is that?

Bach Romain

Tu force le respect mec .
Tu est un tueur bravo ! ;)


Idk about this video


If u add STR scaling +65, +15 physical up

It will b more damage, I tested my self

TheBig S

What the best weapon in the game

Zamasu Zen

what if arcane is 99 and strength and skill are 50? would cold arcane scaling +65 and add physical atk be a better choice?


what are the chalices you need for these gems? It says I don't meet the requirements for them

Aurum Arma

You have to go Cursed Tempering Abyssal on Whirligig. 667 is great, but 666 is ungodly.


Very useful video as usual, Thank you!Any tips on what gems to us on Simon's bow?

Banana squad

I recently started playing bloodborne again after 4 years and honestly your guides have been the best ones ive seen


Just so you know, this dungeon is so op in farming blood echoes especially when you’re early in the game

Dominic Settecasi

Hey what are good gems for a stake driver/ beast claw build

Furko B

Hi, first of all thanks for the great videos, started the game couple of weeks ago.
I wanted to ask you, why I cant enter the dungeons you put into the description. I tried it for the firt 2 runes and it didn't work.

Marshall Grimmett

I think the beast cutter is all blunt damage as well

Torcher LFC

How about a vid on adding Fire, Poison, Arcane & Bolt gems to weapons? Im baffled as to why any1 would sacrifce damage just to add less damage with Fire, or ive got it completely wrong. Cheers.

Trusty_ Blues_092

rip... wrong gem set up :D with 50/50 yr cleaver has lower than 700 ar .... :D
cant believe people actuelly would buy that haha


I love bloodborne but Ludwig blocked my path of greatness


wow this is amzing I downloaded alot of your vids for guides in bloodborne it really helped alot man thankyou you deserve more

Thiago Pereira

Awesome content as always. Can u Tell me if eye rune setup is a good Idea to farm Boss Gems, cause i saw on reddit that it doesnt affect the drop if the drop chance is 100% garant...

Dun Dun

Can someone explain why lost HMS instead of the others.

Knight Slayer

Is there a cursed sharp abyssal blood gem?


3 27.2s will always be better than 2 27.2s with the tempering abyssal. I farmed for the tempering abyssals and while they are great gems if you are running an Uncanny LHB or a HMS (for just the physical aspect) 3 27.2s is better. Use heavy abyssals on weapons that are more skill based to see maximum gains like BoM or Rakuyo. Also heavy abyssals scale with strength up to 99. Higher your strength stat the higher the returns. Im not an expert on gems or scaling but this is just what I have seen from playing/farming in this game for 300+ hours.

TheBig S

How do i get the bloodgems tho

Gary Thacker

Is this dependent on level? I'm building a low level character and geming it.

George Thomas

What chalice do you need for these farms?

x Mad

I have a question, my bl is 125 should I go even more further or just stay at this BL? Cause someone told me not to level up because I will not find people to Co or raid them.

Michael Harrington

Hello. What are your top 5 favorite weapons in Bloodborne? Thanks for the videos, they have been super helpful!

Young Slumber

Hey I was wondering what would be the best arcane gem set up for the kos parasite?? And I know it's a physical gem set up video but would love to see you get back to me.

Sharif Gardo

somehow attacking the doll make me feel uncomfortable....

Black Hyuga

How do you access the dungeon with the thrust attack gems?

Storm Trooper LOC -964

It says I don't meet the requirements

theweebsare coming

I'm new to your channel can you please guide me to one of your videos where you show a good farming chalice for the chikage?


This channel is a god send

Mauro Verde

Finally I'm early

mohammed gc

What about the hunter axe would it be better to use a blunt or physical blood gems ?

World of Prophecy

I knew that Church Pick two handed mode attacks are all thrusts but I didn't make the connection that I should use the thrust gems LOL. Big brains, thanks for the video.

sunita verma

Does we can get 27℅ physical attack gems in offline. And if yes. Where we can get them

salman muhammad

I need players obsessed on this geame on ps4 platform

insane bluefin

You didnt cover bloodletter and chikage, whats the best set up for those?

Slaughter Face

How do I know which headstone to use the glyph at? Thanks.

Laktose Inkompetenz

Hey im looking 4 one or two high lvl Hunters, Need help with my BL28 char at Ludwig. I want try to get the church pick. I have already tried to get help in the Community, but they ever died Before me... :(

My character has 1200 hp, a +8 Beast Claw and 2x plus 20% Dmg Gems. Is it possible? And in Coop with pw can join hunters with every lvl Right?

Pls help

Garbo Absolut

I have watched like ten of your videos on early stuff, they were really helpful! Can you find a glyph for early waning physicals?

Charl Nel

For what chalice dungeons are these glyphs ? Tia -awesome video btw

Ninjas-Roocks- PR

Why i can't add your chalice code(PWMF22GU and 56CKSHAZ) ? It' says that i don't meet the requirements.
WTFreak? Help please thanks

Edited: nvm I'm a idiot I didn't have enough material for one of the chalice which let you search for any glyph. Now I can

Anthony ._.

Hopefully you start posting again, but thanks for all the content man


Omg a bb vid :p


Not bad gems but there's better

The Crasher

Hey zox ! You should make a discord server with all the people watching your guides.

Thomas Braunsberger

thanks for this amazing video, clarified a lot for me. I was just wondering what gem setup would you recommend for blood weapons such as Bloodletter and Chikage? I've read that farming 31% blood gems isn't worth the effort, so am I right to assume that 27% physical are the way to go? :)

Egy wijaya

Bro can u give me best build for the first time ~...

Andrew Clark

What's the requirements to enter the radial physical gem dungeon

Black Knight

It says i dont meet thre requirements when i put in the glyph do i have to do chalices ?

Ugga Ugmob

Dude you've helped so much. You and Sarcastic Jawa are the best bloodborne content creators. Thanks so much man ♥️

Janith Wijeratne

I can’t acces the triangle gem glyph for some reason. I did the f/r/c already but it still says not required. Radial works fine