Light and Darkness - Heroes of Calradia (Warband Mod) - Part 12

Light and Darkness - Heroes of Calradia (Warband Mod) - Part 12

22 788 views | 1 Sep. 2013

Light and Darkness - Heroes of Calradia, the Mount & Blade: Warband mod.

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"A glorious mod! Many different progression paths. Wide varieties of scene locations.

Numerous weapons and armor, ultimate equipment with special effects, a lot of props and treasures in a variety of styles. All kinds of crystals to forge unique equipment.

Diverse strategies that are elaborately designed, including battle management, tactics, commanding your army, weapon deployment etc.

New ways to combat the enemy. Outflank or frontal assault? - The sea battles will give you a vastly different experience from conventional land engagements.

New amazing adventures in dungeons that will bring you more devious ways to take down enemies such as employing stealth, backstabbing, etc. In the deepest dungeons, you are greeted by fierce foes including trolls and undead. Destroy these scourge to acquire countless treasures and items of rarity.

There are even mini-games to play whenever you feel you need some relaxation such as horse racing, shooting, blackjack, slot machines and so on.

Many more improvements have been made in order to provide you the best gameplay experience possible, we hope you enjoy!"

The above is taken from the original mod description and edited by ReformistTM to hopefully improve understanding.

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Light and Darkness - Heroes of Calradia (Warband Mod) - Part

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Light "And" Darkness Heroes "Of" Calradia Mount And Blade Warband Mod & Let's Play "Lets Play" Walkthrough HD Gameplay ReformistTM Reformist TM "Playthrough Part" With Commentary Combat Video Game

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Angel Fetus

Reformist as you have financial problems get your TRADE skill up, because you will make more money from selling the items that you loot.

Pumpkin Huntsman

HOUR LONG SPECIAL, HOUR LONG SPECIAL, HOUR LOng special... I hoped you would all join in


'remembers to spec into ironflesh to get energy strike- doesnt use it' - reformist

Seb P

Reformist, you are awesome.. Is that enough for u? :P


I though he has financial problems in real life -.- I was so damn scared.

Vmmm Asdsd ggghhh

Set a trap for the Dark Hunters.

Michael Rafanan

what do u mean the world map or a map


Reformist, you should not make you own faction this playthrough, maybe become a vagier vassel and help the faction

Scott Wardell

this is sick !!!

Jordan McCarron

For some reason this video won't play for me just freezes on 0:00



Ward Vermassen



Wayward Vagabond: Drink Tab.

Light Bulb


Joshua DuFour

how are you holding the map open?

Optimal Jo

GOD NO!!!! Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Smith

Reformist for the star horn i think you actually have to camp right next to the lake

Jerry Banks

Leadership will decrease party wages and increase moral. Winning the National Tournament is part of the main quest and, to qualify for it, you must have already won 5? regular tournaments and/or fights in Zendar. So, if you're needing money you may as well do the tournament circuit.


Let your companion lead your men for once.


25:15 Morale : 69 . That seems very nice indeed. :D

Ransford Manu

reformist great vid as always but can u do a vid


Great vid man keep it up

Ib Ib

loyalist of darkness high level soldier LOL later in a game will come dark avengers they are BEAST

Investing Ideas

lol. the AI lead your men relly shitty

Angel Fetus

Thankfully he doesn't :D As far as i can tell at least ^^ Sorry for the shock.

Isaac Gruman

I love this ever reformist <3


when you find camps don't attack it just stay around it and you will have a endless or some what a lot of enemies


Set a trap for Feri. (Si serios...Cel mai original nume de pe planeta.)


What you mean to say was,CRUSH,KILL,DESTROY.SWAG.


I also want to know, why do you and all your companions have einstien - level inteligence?


Reformist, you should have increased your looting skill just in case the chance of getting the extreme shield increases, or just for the reason for going bankrupt.