Papa Pear Saga Level 550

Papa Pear Saga Level 550

45 895 views | 7 May. 2015

Papa Pear Saga level 550 - no boosters, played by Blogging Witch Lea.

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Candy Crusher

IS level 700 the last level?

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Here is Rich and Lea's cooperative support article and bice tricks and tips about level 550 too! CHECK 'EM OUT NOW! :D


Ohhh u have to get power ups in order to pass

maria isabel ferreira

no video e super facil, as bolas caem sempre certinho

maria isabel ferreira

hiper dificil quase que impossivel de passar , estressante credo vou para de jogar isso

Charlene Pierce

don't get that many fire pins


Papa Pear Saga demande un peu de tactique mais surtout beaucoup de chance !