Be Mean Or Be Kind To The Homeless Vet In Valentine (He Has A Secret) RDR2

Be Mean Or Be Kind To The Homeless Vet In Valentine (He Has A Secret) RDR2

298 001 views | 24 Nov. 2018

If you are curious about how the Homeless Vet in Valentine would react to Arthur Morgan depending on if you are mean or nice to him, then wonder no more. Hopefully this video will contain all the possible interactions one can have.

[ ps. 4:02 was done entirely by accident. I was trying to get on the horse which seems to be the same button to tackle … whoopsie. XD ]

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We begin our journey with “Evil” Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang after a robbery goes horribly wrong causing them to have to flee from the western town of Blackwater with federal agents and the best hunters eager to collect the bounty on their heads. The gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the heartland of America in order to survive, but as each day passes dissension within the ranks begin to tear them apart. Our protagonist will eventually have to make a choice between his own ideals and his loyalty to the gang who raised him. Will he choose the path of least resistance or strike a fatal blow?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an upcoming Western-themed action-adventure video game developed and published by Rockstar Games. It is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26, 2018. The game is a prequel to the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption, and will be the third entry in the Red Dead series. Set in 1899, it follows the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of the Dutch Van der Linde gang.

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Outro Music “Honor For All” by John Licht & Daniel Licht

Federal bureau Of investigations

One time i was going to rob a store in valentine and saw this dude but i felt bad, and ended up not robbing the store, thanks mickey for saving me the bounty money

Peo Fr

Can i hold you mister.....


i thought he was gonna rob me :(

Mr. K

Fuck to MrBossFTrash,he make us doubt him, I checked all of my items,nothing is gone,fuck you MrBossFTrash

لقد ترجمت هذا الطالب الذي يذاكر كثيرا

i hate how he talks


m i s t e r


I can never be mean to him

Steven James Erickson

He hugs and grabs 5 cents heads into saloon lol

Megorftbo _

Lol this guy chocked out Mickey that’s true evil

unfunny person

Im not even joking I was playing just now and said hi to him as john, after that I fought the raccoon hat guy in the bar which made the bartender pull out his shotgun, so after disarming him he starts stabbing me when Mickey comes out of nowhere and starts punching him so I knocked the bartender out to protect Mickey

esang g.

when you choked him i got scared

[̲̅y̲̅D̲̅i̲̅и̲̅н̲̅υ̲̅] TM

Word Counter


Rogan Reicher

I just can’t bring myself to be mean to that guy especially playing as Arthur

Matt Crompton

My first playthrough i just rode upto this guy and blew his head clean off with my sawn off

Lauren E

I can never be mean to that guy

Mustafa Hemdan

I took him to the bar when he followed me and we had some drinks lol he needed to drink

A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association

That last part is so damb sad

Discord Bot

Man I love Mickey


4:01 When you tab TRIANGLE


9:49 thing you came for

Vietnamese Cowgirl

There's quite a lot of homeless folks in my area, especially homeless veterans. I know a man who is like this, he is a complete sweetheart too. Though not entirely there but he is still a sweet old man nonetheless. He is definitely is a chatterbox as well haha.


im not going to progress in the storie at all so mickey can have a freind

Banana 6768

He’s creepy on some level


i think mickey has ptsd from getting his arm ripped off


He caught a bullet from Arthur in my early playthrough cause I haven’t seen him as John yet


I remember talking to him one time and I didn't have a dollar to donate now I don't see him anymore

Shark Saver!!

I like how he said it was an accidental choke even though he held down Triangle to choke him.


When Mickey says Arthur sounds like the name of a king I thought of when Sean used to call him King Arthur

comrade zed

Civilians in gta feel like toys to be played with and destroyed
Civilians in the red dead redemption games feel like people that are fun to be with

Epler jr Santiban

I wish that Rockstar that you can build him a home and give him food


I feel bad for him :(


I’ve been nice to him but I spent all my money so when he asked for a dollar Arthur screamed at him.


His secret: he was never an actual war veteran. Saved you 10 mins

Jhon Erick C. Panopio

This dude just wanted people to talk to him wanted to fit in have a friend be accepted.

A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association

I all ways try to be nice to people in rdr2....acsept micha of cource

Dustin Downs

I wanted to make Arthur high honor it took me years and I came up to this guy and I chose to be nice to him

Nicolas Noisette

I wanted to kill him like I do any NPC after helping them for the last time...but I couldn't shoot him. Poor Mickey been through enough


Dont fall for his tricks he actually has 2 arms, he pretends to have 1 so the "no arm" he will use it to pickpocket you.

Sasha Blouse

Lmao Arthur looks so unintrested and annoyed when the player forces him to be kind to that guy

Pros Bolzga

1000th comment


If you hug him, he will steal something valuable from you, and the game will not alert you

140694 1994

Back in the old days when someone hug person who care them because they are depressed sad man.

Now days when someone hug person and everyone call it "gays" "LGBT".


3:15 lmfao

Cockroach Stomper 2049

This is really hard to watch.

A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association


What was that for

Victor 88

I accidentally ran over him in my horse

scp 173

killing Mickey should put your honor to the lowest

Emy La Gargola

Poor guy he just wants to make Friends.

Homer Homer

Why he reminds me of John candy


I was nice


So sad when you met him in the end after Arthur is nearly dying. Wish there would a quest with him I really would like to help him. Arthur needs a real friend and he didn't even ask for your money what else could you want in a world like rdr2 where almost everyone has a dark secret.


when he asked to hold me i said nah miss me wit that

Jahael Williams

I killed Mickey and fed him to the pigs

Wyatt H

I'm barely into the game...and I think I have re-loaded previous saves 10000 times so far to get the story straight and so I dont miss anything...which I'm certain I will.
I guess I have gotten to use to playing The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt...

James L

I accidently robbed him and felt so bad i loaded a previous save, it was so funny though!


1000th comments

EatYour Cereal

I love micky

taco fortnite

I accidentally knocked him out when I was being nice


I love how nice Mickey is even if you antagonize him, even if he isn’t a true vet he’s a true angel


Is that the last time you can talk to him when hes talking about the lie

gangsta homie

at 6:45 when the veteran hugs arthur , someone just whistled to them xD


can i get a buck mister


Only1 Troller

This man made me cry, I was always nice to him and how he said he’d miss me in the end. Made me cry, really hit me in the heart.

Arthur Morgan

Im a good person in red dead redemption 2


Adrian Jendrysik

Why its snowing

Pagan Potato

decked him in the chest and put three in the head after he lifted the 400 bucks I JUST GOT when he asked for a hug.

Richard Weir

3:10 Laugh Out Loud!!!

Elliot Dec

What kind of hearthless monster would not let him hug you ?

A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association


Hes so happy when arthur says that

Another Sheev Palpatine

If you don't make friends with Mickey before you die as Arthur I don't think I want to talk to you


Not gonna lie but be mean if scrawl down there is a video that says to be mean to homeless guy and it will explain it. Please don’t take this comment seriously and it’s just a game.

Egyptian Nigga.

I shot him with the shotgun


It hurts to see people be mean to Mickey XD

LikeYaCut G

Im always nice to him but its funny af when you are mean to him

Big Blocks

I was nice the first time an a dick the second an now idk if I’ll be able to get any of his secrets


6:56 "You have sad eyes mister, like you have seen sad things, remember with kindness" I am pretty sure he is suppose to say more after that but that quote is something that always stuck with after the many years of playing this game.

trash person

Honestly I got mad when he was being mean to Mickey

Random Dudes On Internet

Mickey : My Uncle's name was Arthur
Jack : Intersting…



He's not an actual veteran

Darth Jar Jar

I fucking hate one thing in this game
Arthur is never kind to people like Mickey I’d pay if he really told Mickey that he really likes him and sees him as a friend but instead Arthur just acts annoyed

Brazil Ball

It hurts my fellings seeing Arthur being a bad man

Epler jr Santiban

Is he a gay because he wants to hold you


If you kill him does he comeback? Cause I killed him because he was annoying and I was pissed that I lost my horse because of the damn o driscolls so I shot him the head

Mason Swingle

When he hugs you he actually picked pocketed you on the he’s not a veteran he just wants simpothy


3:15 the way he yells no tho


What if rdr3 = story of mickey


Micky is my favorite character


The real sad thing is that when Arthur was a dick to him he still liked him

Alvin Eitrheim Hjørnevik

this is the best npc in he game all he vets are so nice


I blew his other arm off and then his head lol

Noah Ferguson

3:11 when he ask for money


The first time I saw him I rejected the hug because it felt strange and suspicious, but then I could never be mean to him.

Batman Inicia

If you are argentinian or some other thirworld country you know that Mickey is a fraud since the begining
I was mean with him but then i become his friend because of honor


I have a question. Is Mickey cursed? (spoiler alert)

As his first friend died and his friends said he died because of Mickey and Arther also dies being his friend. After that john also becomes his friend and he also died, so is Mickey cursed? By the way I always was nice to him and he is a nice feller.

phillip walling

4:04: Hey, I'm just giving you a hug, feller!


Mickey deserves a house a really good house

A.N.L.A Anti Neo Liberalism Association

In my run (whitch i am currently doaing) I am a low honor Arthur(un intentional low honor Arthur lets just say I got in to one 2 meny train robberies and mass gun fights with the law) but I am all ways nice to people especially michy and the other war vet in Rhodes

Also just thought i let you know ime not evain half way through chapter 2 and I already got max bounty($300) in all the 4 areas you can go 2 as Arthur

Drake Carter

He's not even a vet. More like vermin in Valentine.

Guillermo Lopez Jaime

i was hearing stupid shit about mickey being a robber...thanks Mrboss


It suprised me that Mickey is the only person that isnt mad when i start shooting up valentine mostly people just got pissed when i start trouble there