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Alguien 2021

Tantos años de esta canción quien en el 2021

Muy bien es algo q deberiamos aprender

Reportense aquí los que la escucha en octubre 2020⬇️⬇️⬇️

Como por que un hay cabron con un bajo

I still love his music ...

Y sigue sonando Tito torbellino x Siempre

Iam cooking Mexican tonight.

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Oha len 33 B yorum olmuş...

Aynan bahar


Hadise makyaj siz da güzel olurdu

Hadisenin sesi çok güzel ya

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Esto era el himno del 2014

Este es el primer comentario del 2021!!

2021 buena canción

Alguien por aqui 2021 escuchando aún esta hermosa canción!!


My favourite movie..

22 jan 2021


Nice movie

Isse jyada bakchodi kahi nai dekhi

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Plot twist: orange was actually Clyde from Pac-Man

Geez you don't have to cry about it

0:23 міііііу, аааам

alguien 19 de octubre 2020???

cuando darkiel estaba en rottweilas inc...

BUEN video , saludos desde Peru, cuidate y te deseo mucha salud en estos tiempos dificiles, , pero a levantar cabeza.. recuerda no hay mal que dure mil años.. saludos!! te seguire para no perderme el proximo video!! crees que puedes hacer lo mismo? sigamos creciendo y muchos exitos en tu canal.

2021 quien lo escucha??

La cancion lo dice todo mi amor

Primera vez q la escucho súper linda

Me encanta este tema me acuerdo de anny minyeti

Q forteeee

Te acuerdas cuando me dedicaste esta canción ojitos saltones?, yo no puedo olvidarte, aunque trate, me gustaría hacerlo de mala forma, robarte, todavía estoy perdido por ti...

Diciembre 2020 ✌

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Donald Fagenぽい。

パワハラしてる奴もうgood night飲み会してる奴もうgood night威勢だけ良い奴もうgood nightセクハラしてる奴もう論外STAYTUNE in workplace until death(ステイチューンイン職場死ぬまで)

車のCMソングで流れた曲だぁ〜(∩>o<∩)♡しかも藤井風様がこの曲ピアノでカバーしてたので本家のMVを見にやってまいりました∥Ю-(´Д`●) オジャマシマース鬼カッコよくて最高


Gente muy humilde pero alegre

Saludos a la chica que baila muy bonito. ...

Tengounamigochapin bna onda

Canciones del Recuerdo lindas

Quien sigue viendo este video

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Me and the bois after ending racism:

How did mrbeast did it

We all came because of mrbeast

Holiday is comingMe:

My mom wants a dog but my dad doesent

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Omg why would u do that sistaaaa

i like the real version

Hi sisters

i love you james

You talk so much and fast. Please slow down

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“you caught my eyes had to make you mine”

this sounds so much like differences by Ginuwine



2021? anyone?

Me encanta esa rola

Mi papá no las dedico

Sol de RD y tengo 14 año y me gustan esas musica

2021 quien la escucha


The only good song Jake made

This is the most cringe thing I've ever seen

im in 2021

Image rapping worse than a 10 year old


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Que triste


Que malo es el gato

Porque está en ingles


Why u hating on this guy so much if u don't like him don't watch

This the guy that played “Superman” in another video. They chose Batman!

But then he revealed his true identity and everyone applauded. The end.

I used to live in Oxnard and visits the outlet by lazy dog and the bjs on the right of the movie they

The cheesiness lol


Hold ma poodleHold ma poodle AY YOU GOTTA PROBLEM BRO HUH

Kirby bio blows up hand mario it s a me Yahoo me

Kirby still has to be invited? Or maybe it’s less of an invitation and more of a “hey new game happening”

Nobody:Noobs in R.H.S when somebody makes them mad: 3:57


Chingona la rolita,hay veces que uno se tiene que resignar a perder ala persona que más amas y seguir adelante saludos desde cd.juarez Chihuahua.

Aquien se la dedico su ex??

Nmms canta chingón Alfredo

mi favorita canzion

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Both getting smacked by the mug 3:00

Recién me lo encontré en crunchy y pensé que salía en algún cap cantando

This is 8 years old???Get the fuck out... there's no way...

For all of you that have been wondering why Money isn’t on Spotify, you might want to check again now~ Merry Xmas! (Also on Apple Music)


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Walmart Drake

It’s tradition to watch this once in a while

I watch this video every few months. Never gets old

SICKO MODE was too sick


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“I don’t know about that” -old people

Man I need one. Leggett who won the Senate race? Who? Billy Jack!. I don't about that.

... geniuse... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

I would like to see them put out more stuff from the early 80s.

The plausible trouble undoubtedly squeak because uncle seemingly ask from a mere drink. muddled, strange specialist

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Hard to control the dragon

This song is fire, but seems like everyone is telling there addictions and mistakes....Is there a meaning to this song I'm missing? Let me know lmao

Stop cold turkey

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im gonna predict the future "2021 anyone'" i am a future teller

who still listening in 2020 ?? or is it juss me ??

don’t killed 6ix9ine please

This song hits when you got blocked an d yo got betrayed like but fr when she said people did me in the past I was like this:PREaCh but she I was wondering maybe can I have back my baby I was like:Girl did he get you pregnant;-;

2020 Anyone ?☺☺‼

After hearing this song repeatedly i couldn't any phrase for commenting



Mohd Rafi sab ka gaana Kon Kon 2021 ma sun Raha hai like karna bhi


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Nobody should have kids.

If this was a British family, cops would be taking dad away for breaking his sons nose.

I still don't get it , is this scripted or no?

American youth

wth thats all........wth

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Guy: where did u learned to drive.Dog: From ur dad

Heck off hooman

Everyone:doggo driving a carMe: how did he strap his seatbelt on?

Dog: Mind yo own damn business

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Band Music 2

Is Ralph

El mejor video del mundo ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺


i think there getting fat